Sean O’Pry Talks About Life After Being a Model

For about ten years now, Sean O’Pry has been gracing billboards and magazines with his striking blue eyes and chiseled features. O’Pry was even named the highest paid model by Forbes magazine in 2013–he earned $1.5 million that year. He’s also the leading man in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video. These days, however, Sean O’Pry hopes to start creating a name for himself that isn’t associated with modeling.

During his time in the modeling industry, O’Pry has walked the runway for a number of famous brands, including Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. At just 27, Sean O’Pry is considered a veteran in his field. Sean even jokes that some of the newer models are especially fit and good-looking. For Fashion Week this year, O’Pry modeled clothing from Josephy Abboud, a fashion line that is known for its maturity and sophistication. Older male models were featured in the Abboud show (all the models were in their 20s, 30s or 40s).

O’Pry admits that he’s been wise with his money since he was young, and he collects watches and cars. He’s also invested in a number of businesses and properties, which will likely serve him well when he’s no longer modeling. O’Pry has also been taking acting classes, and hopes to be taken seriously for his craft instead of simply being known as the model-turned-actor.

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