Self Expression and Self Acceptance Through Fashion Through Obstacles

We are moving on from a world that teaches us that we have to be just like everyone else. One of the problems with that kind of world is that it brings forth a lot of issues where people are lacking in acceptance. One thing that people learn is that being just like everyone else does not guarantee acceptance. However, people try it anyway in order to avoid anything worse than what they are faced with. This leads to further problems down in life.


One of the methods that people use to express themselves is fashion. One of the reasons that fashion is one of the best methods for self expression is that people are able to show who they are and what they believe through the clothes they believe represents this closely. This is one thing that women have the luxury to do. They have to protect it to because people will shame them for exercising their right to wear what they want. For one thing, Amy Schumer has dealt with some shaming remarks which she has responded in defense of herself.


The whole point of using fashion as self expression is for people to find ways that they can accept themselves even though they are not in their ideal state. When people dress the way they want, then they are going to feel more comfortable with who they are eventually. They will also have the confidence to continue expressing themselves even in the face of disapproval and ridicule.


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