Society Shows the Irony of Fitting In

With this recent trend of copying others and looking like clones, there is one thing that is pointed out with this trend of copying others. One thing that has been pointed out is that people want to fit in. This is a desire that is felt by plenty of others. However, there is irony in this whole thing. As people try harder to fit in, they find themselves closer to being ostracized. It is when they decide to find themselves and be who they are that they start to be sought out and pursued by the group.

One thing about fitting in is that people are group oriented. With every group is a leader. Even though people may be in the group, the one who gets all of the attention or the respect if not both get it because they do not try to be the other person. They get the respect because they be themselves. They have their own likes and dislikes. Then others will follow them. This is one thing that makes them a leader. The others that try to be the other person make themselves followers.

One of the best things about fitting in is that the only way one is going to fit in is by being who he is. He is not going to fit anything if he tries to be someone else. This would mean he needs to find his own style and tastes and build on it. Then he will attract people that will like him for who he is.

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