Teen Sent Home For Dying Her Hair

A Missouri teen was sent home from school because she died her hair red. The high school junior died her hair auburn. The principal stopped her after seeing the dye job, and remarked that the coloring didn’t look natural. The principal then made the student call her mom to come pick her up.

Folks at Anastasia Date have read that the hair dye in question was supposed to dye the student’s hair a red hair color. Her mother uses the same line of products by Garnier, and results are typically darker than expected. Knowing that, she chose a brighter color, thinking that it would come out a little darker. Her natural hair color is red, although not quite as bright.

The school’s handbook indicates that student’s are not allowed to attend school with unnatural hair colors including pink, purple and blue. When the student returned to school the next day, she was sent home once again because she had not changed her hair color.

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  1. Both the student and her mother have asked the school to reconsider the policy. The school superintendent says that they typically don’t have an issue with the dress code, but declined to comment on this specific case. It is also going to make sure customwritings.com customer reviews do have everything that is making thing work so well.

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