The Art of the Season


There is nothing in the world that is exciting a Christmas day. It’s that day when you get presents for no reason in the world after you have not done anything to really deserve it; everybody at Qnet loves fee stuff.In our time though, Christmas has been marked with increased fashion trends that have been appreciated all over and the progress is very good.

There is still this one thing that has not really ben addressed enough and is really dampening the new modern Christmas spirit. It is that plague of ugly Christmas sweaters: yes, you know the ones, those that just scream Christmas a bit too loudly.

There are also those that look like your grandmother knitted for you and look like it has about ten layers of wool between the outside and yourself. People have to take a firm stand and just say no to these ugly Christmas sweater.

The reddit fashion site emphasises the need for fashion choices that will reflect well on you this Christmas and will not simply embarrass you.

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