The Best Ways to Make Your Little Black Dress Stand Out

Every woman knows that having a lovely LBD or little black dress in the closet is essential. Still, you want your little black dress to stand out. You don’t want to look like you’re going to a funeral when you’re actually going to a cocktail party.


In this case, accessories can be a great help. The following is a list of awesome tips and tricks that you can use to accessorize your little black dress and make it stand out.


Try a bold necklace.


The first tip that we have for you has to do with jewelry. Bold necklaces are extremely popular right now. If you have a bold necklace, you can wear it with a little black dress no matter how low or high the neckline of the dress is. The great thing about a bold necklace is that it actually turns into an accessory that looks like it’s part of the dress. Some large necklaces have huge beads, ribbons and other adornments that can appear like clothing themselves.


Try a scarf around your waist.


If you want to add a little bit of color to your little black dress, you can do this by tying a scarf around your waist. Make sure to create a pretty bow in the back, to the side or in the exact center. If you’re pregnant, you can tie the bow around the top of your baby bump for a super stylish look. Choose a color that is bold against the black of your dress, and look for a fabric that is delicate and feminine. Silk, tulle or satin are great ideas for fabrics.


Add some lace on the cuffs.


This is the last tip, and it’s actually not one that you can add at the last minute. You’ll need to do a little bit of sewing, but if you know how to use a sewing machine, this shouldn’t be too hard. In order to accomplish this look, you’ll just need to sew a strip of lace around the inside of each of your cuffs. You can choose for black lace or a contrasting color. The choice is yours.


Try these tips and see what you can do with your little black dress!


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