The Changing Atmosphere for Men

Society is going through a lot of changes when it comes to men. For one thing, masculinity is apparently under attack. One of the most recent articles talk about it being okay for men to wear make up. While many people may think that this is one of the latest efforts to emasculate men, history seems to suggest otherwise. For one thing, men are no strangers to make up. This is not talking about the rock stars who use make up for their artistic purposes. Ever since make up existed, there has been men that have worn make up. Also, actors and other entertainers of both genders wear make up in order to enhance their appearance on camera.

Many people wear make up for different reasons. Women often state that they wear make up so that they can look better. The interesting thing is a lot of women can look good without make up. The only issue is that some of these chemicals can cause problems on the skin of the woman who is wearing make up as it depends on the make up company. This is one of the reasons that men tend to look a little “better” than women without make up.

One thing that is certain is that a lot of trends and concepts that were considered feminine in fashion are being brought over to men. At the same time, men were always legally allowed to wear make up. Any backlash has come from peers when a man has done something that was considered feminine.

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