The Positive Impact of Fabletics


The brand Fabletics is becoming more and more popular. They are a line of trendy activewear geared to the everyday person. The clothes are well made and are sold at a decent price. This company has only been in business for three years but they are claiming their space in the fashion market.


While the name Fabletics continues to grow, the names Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are less known. These two men are the co-founders of Fabletics. They have been friends for years and have worked together on many business ventures in the past. Fabletics, and the parent company JustFab, is another success story they can add to their resumes.


The idea for Fabletics came from an issue in Don Ressler’s personal life. He and his wife have always been active. They were both college athletes and continued to stay active after leaving college. They spend a lot of time in athletic wear and saw that it was all looking the same. There was little variety and not all of the clothes were comfortable to wear. These clothes were not inspiring or motivational.


The Fabletics brand is different from the rest of the athletic clothing brands out there. The clothes are bright, full of color, and comfortable to wear. These are clothes that customers want to wear all day long. The clothes are created with the idea that if people are comfortable in clothes they like, they will want to wear them.


More and more people are changing their lives. They want to eat better and become more active. Fabletics provides clothing that looks good and that people enjoy wearing. When people feel good, they want to do good things. Fabletics wants to create clothing that promotes positive change.


Fabletics is a new company and they are doing great things. They are providing quality clothing that are motivating people to make positive impacts on their own lives. Fabletics is changing the world one customer at a time.  Follow along on eCommerce News, or read about Don Ressler himself at his CrunchBase profile.

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