This Is How to Find the Absolute Perfect Pair of High Heels

All women want to be able to wear high heels. You probably want to wear high heels to work, on dates and out with your friends on the weekends. Perhaps you even want to wear them to the grocery store! But there’s just one thing that’s slightly bothersome about wearing high heels. If we are truthful, it’s actually a fairly large problem.


The problem is that high heels can be extremely uncomfortable. If you want comfortable high heels, they’re usually frumpy and boring. But this rule guide will help you choose high heels that are both cute and comfortable.


Rule #1 – You’ll need to pay a little bit more for better heels


The first guideline that you’ll need to follow if you want to find comfortable and sexy high heels is that you’ll need to be prepared to spend a little bit more money. Nicer high heels that conform to your feet and fit well are simply more expensive.


Rule #2 – You’ll need real leather or suede.


First of all, high heels that are not made out of real leather or suede are not going to be comfortable. Man-made leather is not comfortable because it does not stretch and conform to your feet throughout the day or over time. You’ll need to get real leather or suede shoes. And these will cost more.


Rule #3 – You’ll want broad-based heels that are at least three inches tall.


Skinny stiletto heels are sexy, but they wear out quickly, and they’re usually going to be way too uncomfortable. Instead, choose a high heeled shoe that has a medium-sized broad heel, and always choose heels that are at least 3 inches tall.


If you follow all of these rules, you’ll be sure to find a pair of high heels that are comfortable, cute and sexy for any occasion.


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