Giving birth to a baby is a magical experience. Many pregnant women are scared of what embarrassing moments might occur while they’re in labor. Whether you’ve given birth yourself or want to laugh a little and realize that nurses and doctors have literally seen it all, read on for some of the most hilarious stories about giving birth.

One Mom’s Viral Story

These women’s stories were all shared on an Instagram thread after one Instagram user shared that she was most worried about having a bowel movement when in reality, one of her most embarrassing moments was letting out gas for 20 seconds while holding her newborn. She notes that there were literally 14 adults in the room, and it was a magical moment having her baby on her chest, but she couldn’t have held the gas in if she’d tried.

Her other embarrassing story is also a common one. She thought her water has broke and quickly went to the hospital, only to be kindly informed by the nurse that the fluid was just urine.

Obviously, a ton of women could relate because her post quickly went viral and got thousands of comments, with other women sharing their hilarious birth moments.

Other Women Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

Most women in the threads admit that they were laughing so hard they were crying by the end of the comments. Some of the top comments included:

  • One mom reports smelling something “delicious” during her c-section. The nurse quickly informed her that it was the smell of her own cauterized flesh.
  • Another mom reports going number 2 while pushing (common), and the nurse missed cleaning some of it up. When another nurse discovered it on the floor later, she thought it was from the baby and was concerned. So the mom had to fess up.
  • One mom says she can one-up the original poster, writing that she passed air for over 30 seconds while her doctor stitched her up. A doctor that was in training had to leave the room because they were laughing so hard.
  • Yet another mom reports that, to her husband’s horror (who doesn’t like bodily functions), she literally passed gas with every contraction. But, she says he handled it like a champ and even knew exactly when to help her through the pain, thanks to her body’s noises.
  • Finally, one mom reports that her placenta was placed in a bucket that was accidentally kicked by a nurse. It went flying across the floor and led to a scurry of nurses while her mom laughed at the ordeal, comparing it to a scene out of Alien.

Birth is a Humbling Experience

No matter who you are outside of the labor and delivery room, some bodily functions can’t be controlled when the body is hard at work birthing a baby.

These funny stories went viral because they’re relatable for so many women that have totally been there. For other women anxious about their upcoming birth, hopefully, it gave them some comedic relief and helped them realize that no matter what happens, it’l be okay.

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