Versace’s Glamour on Display during Obama’s Final State Dinner

For President Obama’s final state dinner hosted in honor of Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy, Michelle Obama, the first lady donned a custom made Atelier Versace rose-gold chain-mail gown. It consisted of a slinky gown that had an asymmetrical neckline slithering down her hips and torso like liquid metal. The shimmering display of fashion has been compared to raw Hollywood glamour.

The Versace Brand


The gown comes from the rarest corner of the renowned Versace brand. This is a collection that gets displayed on the runway as a component of the Paris haute couture season, what Hollywood stars wear when they walk down the harrowed red carpet as they go to collect their Oscars. Donatella Versace, the designer is a fan of the Obamas too, once having used President Obama as the inspiration for a special Versace menswear collection.


Homage to Italian Fashion


Of course, the choice was a way of paying homage to Italy, among the most famous fashion capitals of the world. The 14th state dinner was the final one for the Obamas at the White House and was in honor of visiting PM of Italy Matteo Renzi. The country is famous for its luxurious fabrics, exquisite tailoring, capable of transforming a sexy frock into a unique piece of high art.


In attendance were plenty of other American and Italian celebrities, but for all the exciting events of the night, many cannot still get over the way the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) was brightly sparkling during what was her final state dinner as the nation’s First Lady.




In the past, Michelle Obama has been known to go for a variety of designers having some connection to the theme of the particular event. The first lady’s gown for her final state dinner at the White House will be something to be remembered. In a statement, designer Versace said she was honoured and humbled to have had the opportunity of dressing FLOTUS.




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