Vic Mensa’s close call

Leading up to the debut of his new album, Vic Mensa is shedding light on his own personal demons. The Chicago-born rapper has just released his new riveting music video “Rage.” In this video it appears that he is battling his inner self as he is involved in a plane crash and then suddenly plunges into the ocean. As the ocean is engulfed in flames Mensa manages to swim to shore. The symbolism of the video is to showcase the trials and tribulations of his personal life and how he has been able to overcome them as anyone should. The rapper states that “Rage” really set the vibe for the album The Autobiography which comes out July 28 featuring an insane lineup of artists including Pharrell, Weezer, Pusha T, the-Dream and Ty Dolla $ign. The rapper has stated that alliances with fellow rappers Kanye West and Jay Z helped jump start his career to what it has become today. In this week’s article Mensa states “I think one of my biggest tools in my music is to be able to wake people up,to get motherfuckers thinking. Thinking in radical enough ways that they start acting. I want to get people to start thinking about everything. Thinking about themselves. Asking themselves questions about how they live and how people around them live. I don’t have any answers. All I can do is pose the question.” So what do you think? Will artists like Vic Mensa sir up conversation or controversy?

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