WEN By Chaz Transforms Beauty Blogger’s Fine Thin Dull Hair

It’s not her fault, really. Blogger Emily McClure has been fighting this challenge for years now, and it’s due to her DNA. Her fine, thin, dull hair is genetic, but that does not mean she can’t create a hair miracle.
Emily has seen those famous WEN by Chaz QVC infomercials where gorgeous stars show off glossy big hair with shake-able movement. As a beauty blogger, she has access to a variety of beauty products, so she decided to reach for a bottle of the no lather shampoo.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the west coast celebrity hair guru Chaz Dean. He knew in his heart that all those store shampoos and conditioners were made with a dirty, little secret- sulfates and other damaging chemicals. So, he created his WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners that promote healthy, botanicals that nourish strands from root to end. These no lather shampoo formulas are ideal for any hair type in any condition.

Chaz Dean’s star clientele have remained loyal to the brand, because it works, and each formula is made from only the highest standards of quality and research.

Emily planned on a 7-day hair journey with WEN hair by Chaz, choosing the FIG cleansing conditioner for dry, damaged hair. She kept a hair diary and posted hair selfies for Bustle.com.

Emily enjoyed the no lather experience in the shower, because her strands seemed to double in volume and become soft and shiny. She skimped on the amount of product for her medium-length locks but still achieved a great crowning glory. After she blow-dried and styled, her hair looked A-list. Her selfies show enviable tresses.

Emily advises readers to use the WEN by Chaz system if you have the time and effort to give your hair. That way, your results will be amazing.|

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