Why Cleansing Conditioners Are A Smart And Economical Choice

Ever heard of cleansing conditioners? If you haven’t then you should seriously consider using one. Cleansing conditioners are a two in one product. They cleanse your hair just like a shampoo. Then, you may have guessed it, they also condition your hair. A cleansing conditioner eliminates the need to have both a shampoo and a conditioner.

It also simplifies your beauty routine. No need to shampoo your hair and then apply conditioner. Just use one product and your hair is clean and conditioned. Cleansing conditioners are also much more mild than your typical shampoo. Many use very mild detergents. Often cleansing conditioners use all natural products that will both cleanse the hair and condition it.

The mildness of cleansing conditioners make them ideal for people who have thin, coarse hair. They won’t strip as much natural oil from your hair thus helping you to maintain volume and shine. Cleansing conditioners will also condition fine and coarse hair at the same time giving you an added layer of protection against the elements. This again, can be very beneficial for coarse, thin and hair that tends to be dry.

So you want to start using a cleansing conditioner? What’s a good choice? One of the best and all natural cleansing conditioners on the market right now is a product called Wen. This product is in fact one of the first cleansing conditioners to be appear on the market. It was designed by Chaz Dean, a hair stylist and beautician who serves many actors and singers in California.

The Wen cleansing conditioner brand has a number of different formulas to choose from. You can try the sweet almond mint, lavender and pomegranate formulas for your hair. The sweet almond mint is said to be effective for all hair types including ethnic hair types and curly hair. Try Wen risk free for 60 days or you get a full refund. Wen uses natural vitamins and extracts to boost and condition hair. Wen products are available on Sephora cosmetics stores. The products are also available online via the Guthy-Renker website.

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