Wise Advice From Geologist Turned Investment Advisor Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali maintains that The Disappearing Spoon, an odd collection of stories about the Periodic Table, is an entertaining and exciting book. Picking this quirky book underlines why his stock recommendations are so successful. As an investment advisor, Matt Badiali has a unique background. He has a Masters in Geology and taught at the University of North Carolina. While in this position, he was contacted by a wealthy investor. He soon left his post to travel the world assessing mining companies for their possible investment value. Already steeped in knowledge about natural elements, his years evaluating investments for his employer taught him about investment strategy. He put his background to good use and last year Badiali was named the number one stock picker for Goldman Sachs. Currently the editor of Real Wealth Strategist for Banyan Publishing, Badiali shares his advice for those developing their investment strategy. See more of Matt Badiali on Facebook

Future Lies in Electric Cars

Matt Badiali reminds his readers that the automobile is powered by technology that is over 150 years old. “We are on the brink of a major change in energy consumption. The shift toward an electro-centric world is huge” he predicts, “It’s as important as the shift from whale oil to kerosene.” Badiali believes investors need to look for all the things that go into making cars from widgets to software to where the materials are mined. Badiali notes that “the whole world wants to ride in cars” and when the shift occurs, investors will make their fortune.

Read Everything

Badiali coaches that investors must stay current. As it is now a global economy, it is not enough to be familiar with current events; a successful investor needs to know about changes that occur on the other side of the world. “Read. You simply can’t read enough” he explains, “I burn through The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Mining Journal, and others. Reading is critical.”

Invest in What You Know

After his many years scouting companies, Badiali says, “The best way to be sure an investment is safe, and correctly made, is to see it in person.”

Real Wealth Strategies

Matt Badiali shares his knowledge about companies and their investment potential through his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategies. Some readers offered these testimonials: Doug Patelli of Albany wrote “I’m up 84%. Thanks and keep up the great suggestions.” And Ralph Stevens of Junction City shared with him, “I like the idea of sitting back and collecting revenue streams…I’m up 335% so far!”

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