Women in Business Roles: What You Need to Know to Look and Feel Amazing

No matter what area of business you’re in, if you’re a woman, you’re going to have quite a difficult time striking the right balance between beauty and business. Fortunately, some key advice should help you achieve a look that feels comfortable, powerful and beautifully feminine all at the same time.


First, you need to understand the ethos of your workplace. Your attire will ultimately depend on what your workplace is like. In other words, even if you’re technically in the field of business, don’t wear a power suit to a workplace that generally condones and encourages casual dress as you’ll feel out of place. To be sure, these days, knowing the boundaries of dress can be more difficult than it was in past decades when professional dress was fairly standard. Many work environments want to have a more homey feel and will encourage their workers to dress down.


If you’ve recently gotten a new job, it can be even harder. Some good advice is to read the room and see what others tend to wear But before you do that, approach your superiors. Ask them what the dress code is, and always follow it. Business and your job comes before beauty where attire is concerned. Your job always comes first.


Use Makeup That’s Subtle and Fuss-Free


Makeup is a delicate matter where work is concerned. Not only don’t you want too un-made-up and frumpy or worse, like a clown, but you also don’t want to have to be fussing with your makeup all day. Having the right makeup makes you appear more competent.


For this reason, choose long-lasting makeup. Silicone-based foundation, cream blush and a long-lasting lip color will be your best options. Furthermore, go easy on the eye makeup, always cover blemishes and make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed.


Striking the perfect workplace and womanly fashion and beauty balance is tough, but by using these tips and tricks, you can hit any business meeting and feel both completely competent at what you’re doing and truly beautiful.


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