Fishing and its health benefits: The more men go fishing, the better their mental health, study finds

A recent study showed that men who enjoy fishing as a hobby may have a lower risk of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and other mental health conditions.

Heart Health: Debunking Five Common Misconceptions Around Cardiovascular Wellness

By Dr. Abhishek Gupta Heart health is a topic of increasing concern, especially with the rising incidence of cardiovascular events in younger age groups. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding heart health that need to be addressed. Let us debunk some common misconceptions and provide accurate information to promote a better understanding of heart health. Misconception 1: Heart Diseases Only Affect Older Individuals Contrary to...

14 Scariest and Baffling Diseases

In the vast world of medicine, there are many conditions that a person can get. Some are rare and unfathomable, while others are common but mostly misunderstood. There are also a few illnesses that are brushed to the side because there are no physical symptoms. Nevertheless, these 14 diseases are frightening.

How one health study, inspired by FDR's death, changed life in America forever

The Framingham Heart Study identified heart disease risk factors and changed Americans' health status.

Daily activities could help lower heart attack risk, study suggests

The findings may make physical activity much more accessible to people who do not take part in structured exercise, researchers say.

Bruce Springsteen postpones tour to recover from peptic ulcer disease: What to know about the condition

Bruce Springsteen recently shared with fans that he's postponed his world tour to take care of a digestive condition known as peptic ulcer disease. Here's what to know about the illness.

7 Things You May Not Realize Are Slowing Your Metabolism

There are plenty of factors you can’t change that affect metabolism: Age, gender, body size (height and bone structure), and family history. Fortunately, there are things you can change to keep your body and metabolism running smoothly—but are you doing them? You may be hurting your metabolism with everyday habits and not even realize it! Here are 7 lifestyle habits you may not realize are slowing your metabolism.

Always Feel Like You're Getting Sick? You Could Be Missing This Important Mineral

It's crucial to a healthy immune system.

Collard: Experts weigh in on health benefits, nutrition facts, and more

4 Surprising Benefits of Flu Shots

With flu season underway, the annual vaccination offers surprising benefits beyond combating the virus. The shot boosts overall health and immunity in ways that can be lifesaving. So if you're hesitant about getting a flu shot this year, consider its unexpected, wide-reaching advantages for your wellbeing.

Symptoms women should never ignore

Most women understand that diet and exercise, along with regular pap smears, mammograms, and check-ups, are vital in maintaining good health. But what about recognizing symptoms that are clear indicators of the need to seek medical attention? Knowing what these are, and talking with your doctor about them as soon as possible, can help you stay on top of your health and promote longevity. So, what medical symptoms should women never ignore? Click through and be aware of what you need to look out for.

Mom gets gut-wrenching leukemia diagnosis after kid's doctor spotted one thing

Laura Hendricks learned she had acute myeloid leukemia at the age of 40 after taking her sick children for a routine visit to the pediatrician.

Flu, pink eye, strep throat: A guide to the common illnesses making your kid sick

It’s practically inevitable: Kids get sick and pretty often too. As a result, parents are regularly left debating whether the latest illness is one they can handle at home or one that requires help from a pediatrician. Because kids tend to pick up a lot of illnesses — from school, day care, playdates or just being out and about — it’s a good idea f...

How to Monitor Your Health at Home: These Easy-to-Use Devices Are Essential for Keeping Track of Your Symptoms Whenever You’re Feeling Unwell

These easy-to-use devices help keep track of your symptoms whenever you're feeling unwell. Here's how to monitor your health at home. Thermometer This basic device is necessary in every home, particularly in the winter months, when there's an uptick and fevers, colds and the flu. Typically, anything in the range of 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit is co...

Short bursts of activity, totaling less than 10 minutes, linked to lower risk of death

A new study published in The Lancet Public Health journal found that short stints of physical movement for as little as 1 to 3 minutes at a time could be very beneficial.

Youth Mental Health Crisis: Congressional Resolution Drafted By Students

This op-ed explains how students came together to draft a House resolution addressing the youth mental health crisis.

The #1 Thing You Can Do to Relieve Stress in Minutes

Stress can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other health issues, so it's important to act fast when you feel tension rising.

Ask an expert: What happens if I leave hyperthyroidism untreated?

Expert opinion from Alex T. Thomas MD · 40 years of experience · USA Brittle bones, known as osteoporosis, nerve injury, heart problems, blood clot, etc. can be caused due to untreated hyperthyroidism. Menstrual cycle irregularity and infertility are common in women if hyperthyroidism is left untreated. → Learn more about hyperthyroidism: See the c...

Experts reveal links between oral hygiene and overall health

"If your mouth is not healthy it can affect the rest of your body."

Mental health needs a "megaphone" from business leaders, former U.S. surgeon general says

No, really — how are you? Zoom out: Business leaders talked a lot about the importance of mental health during the pandemic, but now that deal flow has returned, events are back in person and remote work policies are being curbed — it's less clear where wellness falls on the priority list. Why it matters: While businesses continue to gain trust, many workers remain dissatisfied with the way workplace issues, including burnout, are handled....

Blue zones—where people live the longest—prove you’re only as healthy as those you’re surrounded by. Here’s why

People are wired to follow the crowd. It’s true for health habits, too.

6 Scientific Reasons Sitting All Day is Seriously Damaging Our Health

Did you know Americans sit an average of 9.5 hours a day? (Yikes.) Whether it’s in your office at home, you may be sitting a lot more than you think. Unfortunately, all this sitting hurts our health—and the research behind it is pretty shocking. We’ve rounded up 6 science-backed statistics about sitting that’ll motivate you to ditch the chair, plus some tips for getting moving more often.

These Are the Healthiest Countries in the World, According to a 2023 Study

Those Mediterranean diets are no joke.

COVID May Cause Heart Disease Symptoms, According to NIH Study

The virus may cause potentially deadly buildup in the arteries

Can Supplements Really Boost Brain Health?

Medically reviewed by Beth Thomas, PharmD Worldwide, more than 50 million people have dementia, a disease that affects cognition. Cognition includes memory, thoughts, and the ability to perform daily functions. With these staggering numbers, many people are looking to dietary supplements with the hope of preventing dementia and boosting overall bra...

Heart diseases increasing in people under 40, say experts at PGIMER Chandigarh

At PGIMER, 15% to 25% of the heart attack patients are aged under 40, they added; experts at the institute attribute the dietary habits and stress as contributing factors to this concerning trend, emphasising the critical of a healthy lifestyle

Here’s how to create healthy habits for a fulfilling life

Discover effective strategies to create and sustain healthy habits that enhance well-being and create lasting positive change in your daily life.

“Early Hormone Therapy Access Saves Lives” – New Study Sparks Debate and Brings Hope to Transgender Patients

Transgender adults often face serious depression when they are unable to get the medical support they need. Now, a new study provides evidence that early access to hormone therapy may actually save lives. Here is the full story.

Peptide shots are the hot, new fad for anti-aging and building muscle — but no one really knows what they are

Peptides, like human growth hormone and ipamorelin, are a rising biohacking trend for anti-aging and building muscle. Here is how they work on the body.

Data Reveals These 10 States Are Most Concerned with Eating Healthy

An escalating fixation with wholesome eating is gaining ground across the United States. Have you ever pondered over which states are at the forefront of this movement towards healthier diets? Drawing from a recent research study, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 states that have truly embraced the art of nourishing their bodies. Join us in discovering who’s leading the way!

How to Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair

The connection between your diet and your hair follicles is important. Here are nutritional strategies to make your mane look and feel more marvelous.

Why the Hepatitis B Vaccine Should Be on Your Back-to-School Checklist

Parents have a lot on their plates when it comes to preparing their kids for back to school. And that preparation is ten-fold if they have multiple kids heading off to school for the first time. Not only do parents have to worry about first-day-of-school jitters and their child being somewhat on their own for

The Surprising Health Benefits of Cherries—and the Best Ones to Eat

Stock up on these fruits this summer.

Today is World Heart Day 2023—5 ways to help your heart

Heart disease and heart attacks are among the world’s leading causes of death; that’s why every year, the World Heart Federation (WHF) celebrates World Heart Day on September 29 to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The World Heart Day campaign encourages individuals and communities around the globe to do a health check and cut back o...

How is air pollution affecting your health? Short-term exposure could increase stroke risk

What are the effects of short-term exposure to air pollution? What are 3 health effects linked to short-term particulate exposure? Why does pollution affect the poor? Has pollution increased in the US? What areas of Utah are affected by pollution?

5 Secrets to Longevity: Preventing Disease Rather Than Treating It Could Be the Best Way to Have a Long and Happy Life

Preventing disease rather than treating it could be the best way to have a long and happy life. Here are five secrets to longevity. 1. Eat well. It's obvious, but diet is crucial. According to Harvard Medical School, Feast on “vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids” and avoid “red and processed meats, sugar swe...

Harvard Health Publishing has answers to common questions about Hepatitis A.

How serious is hepatitis A? Answered by Dr. Howard E. Lewine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA Hepatitis A is a viral infection that can inflame and temporarily damage the liver. Unlike other forms of hepatitis, hepatitis A rarely causes severe illness and does not lead to a persistent infection. Ne...

A simple guide to antioxidants. What foods are rich in antioxidants?

What foods are high in antioxidants? What are the five antioxidants? What food has most antioxidants? What is the most powerful antioxidants? Which fruit has the highest antioxidant? Are all antioxidants healthy?

Feeling Down? Try These 21 Habits for a Happier Life, According to Experts

Implement these simple ideas to find a happier, more joyful you.

Wellness tourism: tips to improve physical and mental health

The surprisingly effective health fix in your spice rack

The advice to fill up on curry if you have indigestion may sound counterintuitive. Indeed, if you call the local takeaway for a vindaloo every time you experience heartburn, the chances are you will make your gastric misery worse. However, reaching for a rogan josh rather than a Rennie might make more sense in light of new research which proves tha...

Know How Lifestyle Choices Impact Cognitive Function

Cognitive function — the brain’s ability to process, retain, and use information — plays a fundamental role in our daily lives. From decision-making to problem-solving, it shapes our interactions and responses to the world around us. In today’s fast-paced world, a holistic approach to well-being, which entails nurturing the body, mind, and emotions, serves as the bedrock for optimal cognitive function. In this regard, Dr. Nabhit kapur who is the...

How Jamie Foxx bounced back from the mysterious health crisis that nearly killed him

Jamie Foxx is "finally startin to feel like myself," he said in September 2023 -- this five months after nearly dying.

8 Surprising Things That Are Impacting Your Heart Health Right Now

Looking for ways to improve your heart health and prevent heart disease? Check out our list of eight surprising things that are impacting your heart health right now.

Want to live to 100? Here’s the No. 1 predictor you’ll make it.

What's the secret to longevity?

12 So-called ‘Health Foods’ That Might Even Make You Age Faster

With everything that we’ve experienced, most of us have turned to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve changed foods, stopped eating snacks, and even looked into some dieting regimens. The easiest of these adjustments has been the change in food because, with all the diets that are trending, there are a bunch of companies selling ‘healthy food’. However, the healthy food we’re eating isn't as nutritious as we think, and some are even bad for us. Most of these foods mess up our body’s balance and cause deficiencies. Some can even alter the body’s metabolism or weaken it to the point we reduce our lifespan. Here are 12 health foods that are not only detrimental to our health but also speed up aging:

Lentil: Expert opinions, healthy portions, and downsides

Raspberry Nutrition: Expert-Approved Tips for Optimal Health

This article provides an overview of the health benefits of consuming raspberries. It discusses the potential health benefits such as improved heart health and blood pressure, weight loss, prevention of fat gain, and improved memory and mood. It also provides quantity recommendations and side effects from health experts from around the world. The article is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the potential health benefits of...

Better Grades And Mental Health: 8 Ways A Strong Family Unit Can Help In Your Child’s Development

As parents, we all want to provide the best possible environment for our children to grow and thrive. One of the most important factors in a child’s development is a strong family unit. A strong family unit can provide children with a sense of security, love, and support that can help them navigate the challenges of childhood and adolescence. Here are some ways a strong family unit can help in your child’s development:

These Are All the Vitamins for Brain Health You Need in Your Diet

Plus, whether or not you really need that extra brain-boosting supplement.