(NewsNation) — People exposed to air pollution have an increased risk of stroke within five days, according to a new study by the American Academy of Neurology.  

“There is a strong and significant association between air pollution and the occurrence of stroke as well as death from stroke within five days of exposure,” said study author Ahmad Toubasi, MD, of the University of Jordan in Amman. “This highlights the importance of global efforts to create policies that reduce air pollution. Doing so may reduce the number of strokes and their consequences.” 

Toubasi said that previous studies have shown a connection between long-term exposure to air pollution and an increased risk of stroke. However, this study highlighted a link within just five days of exposure. 

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About five million people die from strokes every year. Those who don’t die from strokes find the symptoms can seriously affect their health and ability to function, according to the study. Scientists have found a connection between being around air pollution for a long time and having a certain kind of stroke called ischemic stroke. 

A limitation of the study is that it was conducted in high-income countries that have the resources to curb air pollution. 

People who are exposed to high concentrations of air pollution over a long period of time are at higher risk of developing dementia.

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