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In Starfield, your character can be affected by various status effects that can impact their health and abilities. Once you're afflicted by a status effect, you must find a corresponding remedy to cure the affliction and ensure optimal performance of your character.

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Among the many status effects in the game, lung damage is one of them. This affliction causes your character to cough frequently and lose oxygen, requiring immediate remediation. There are a few ways to cure lung damage in Starfield and this guide will help you fully understand how to cure this affliction and regain your character's health.

Updated by Vincent Arogya on September 25, 2023: This guide has been updated to include details on building a pharmaceutical lab on your spaceship and craft aid items. Additionally, relevant links have been added throughout the article to enhance your reading experience and provide access to other helpful resources.

Finding A Doctor

The first method to healing lung damage in Starfield is to find a doctor. Doctors can be found in multiple cities across the Settled Systems. Talk to the doctor and choose the "I need help, doc" option. You can then proceed to choose whether you want to heal wounds or afflictions. In the case of lung damage, choose "Cure my affliction" and pay the requested credits. This method will cure your character of any status effects, including lung damage.

Buying An Injector

The second method for curing lung damage involves using an aid item known as the injector. You can obtain an injector from a doctor or certain vendors, and in some cases, you may find Boosted Injectors when looting. Boosted Injectors not only cure lung damage but also provide a +20% boost to oxygen production for 5 minutes.

To buy and use an injector from a doctor or vendor, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Talk to the doctor or vendor and select "I'd like to see what you have on sale."
  2. This will open the vendor menu with available items for purchase, select the 'Aid' category.
  3. Look for the injector or boosted injector in the available options and buy the aid item.
  4. To use the injector you just purchased, open your inventory and select the 'Aid' category.
  5. Select the injector and press 'E' on the keyboard or 'A' on the controller to use the item.

Another aid item that cures lung damage in Starfield is the Snake Oil. This aid item can be purchased from select few vendors and doctors across the settled systems. At the time of writing, you can find Snake oil at four vendors in the game, including:

  1. Reliant Medical in New Atlantis
  2. The Trade Authority in Neon City
  3. Infirmary in Akila City
  4. Shepherds' General Store in Akila City

In addition to healing lung damage, snake oil also cures other status effects such as hypothermia, poisoning, and radiation poisoning. After consuming snake oil, you gain a 20% boost to you oxygen recovery for 2 minutes.

If you want to stock up on injectors, you'll have to wait up to 24 hours before buying more from a doctor or vendor. If you're in the hospital, you can wait in the chair for 24 hours (45 seconds real world time) to continue buying additional injectors. It's always a good idea to have a few spares with you on the go just in case you sustain lung damage in the middle of a mission.

You can also build a Pharmaceutical Lab on your ship and use it to craft a variety of aid items, including injectors and snake oil. You can also find a pharmaceutical lab at the basement of the Lodge in New Atlantis.

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