Austrian nurse-obituary

SEOUL, Sept. 30 (Yonhap) -- A former Austrian nurse, who spent about 40 years taking care of South Korean leprosy patients on the remote island of Sorok, died in her country at age 88, officials said Saturday.

Margaret Pissarek died of sudden cardiac arrest at a hospital in the Austrian city of Innsbruck on Friday, while she was receiving treatment for a broken femur, according to Rev. Franciscus Kim Yeon-jun.

Born in 1935 in Poland, she graduated from a nursing school in Innsbruck and came to South Korea in 1966 to serve Hansen's disease patients at the National Sorok Island Hospital in the southwestern county of Goheung for 39 years without pay.

She returned home in 2005 as her health deteriorated, saying she did not want to be a burden to people here.

"She expressed her will to donate her body for medical research, and the funeral procedures are yet to be fixed," the father said.

Pissarek had been with Marianne Stoeger, who came here in 1962 as a volunteer nurse for patients on the island and returned home also in 2005.

South Korea conferred the two former nurses with a medal several times, and gave them honorary citizenship. Kim and the government of South Jeolla Province had been working on a campaign to nominate them for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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