Danny Wakefield, 36, from Seattle, took a break from nine-year testosterone treatment and got pregnant with a one-night stand.

Danny, who identified as non-binary and queer, documented the pregnancy on social media. In their viral video, Danny said they “took advantage of the body organs I was born with.”

Danny came out as transmasculine at 25

Writing for Newsweek in 2020, Danny explained they “identify as transmasculine rather than male.”

They added, “I’m aware that it does make me more visible to live in my identity as a transmasculine person.”

Danny stopped using testosterone for two weeks, and two years later, they are a proud dad of Wilder.

Pregnancy during Covid-19

Danny fell pregnant in April 2020 after a one-night stand, and the name of the other person is not known to the public.

They gave birth to Wilder, whose gender is still unknown to Danny.

They further wrote, “I’ve known for my entire life that I’ve wanted children, and I knew before I transitioned that I would want to carry at least one child.”

Danny had several procedures, including a double mastectomy

They added how some choose to freeze their eggs during transitioning.

Danny also wondered how they would feed their baby due to the double mastectomy performed in Florida. But as they said, “Those small decisions had to be made, and I don’t regret them one bit.”

They are pretty happy with their decision: “I don’t think I would be here with Wilder if I hadn’t taken care of myself and honored my identity back then.”

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The pandemic changed Danny’s pregnancy

Danny kept their fans updated on their Instagram and TikTok, Danny the Trans Dad.

They often wondered how much the pandemic changed their pregnancy, saying that going out daily would “have been quite a different” experience.

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Despite everything, Danny described it as “the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had.”

They added they fell in love with their body “in ways that I’ve never experienced before.”

Danny the Trans Dad is a social media star

Danny surpassed a million followers on social networks. On Tik Tok, they said, “Just because I don’t feel like a woman, that doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of the body organs I was born with.”

In another, they rubbed their belly.

They wrote, “I was born with a uterus, and so the world said I was a girl, but I’m very much not a girl. I’m also not a boy. I’m non-binary! I have a reproductive system that allows me to carry and give birth to a child, so that’s what I did. Transmen and non-binary people give birth, too.”

Danny confused doctors and nurses

In an interview with Yahoo Life, Danny said, “It took an hour and a half to get them to treat me because they didn’t believe I was pregnant.”

They added there was a lot of “doubt, disbelief and a lack of knowledge” while criticizing how the medical personnel reacted.

Danny, a recovering addict, said that the doctors and nurses would whisper among themselves, asking questions about them, “instead of asking me directly - the patient sitting right in front of them.”

The trans male population is still a mystery to the public

Wakefield and Wilder enjoy posing together while the proud dad teaches the community what it means to be trans-non-binary.

Dr. Juno Obedin-Maliver, assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stanford University School of Medicine, claims this story is not uncommon.

Though the doctor noted that things are changing, he told Yahoo: “None of our systems have been designed to delineate the difference between somebody’s gender and somebody’s pregnancy capacity.”

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