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Rating: 4.7 / 5

By now, you’ve likely heard that anxiety and depression are among today’s most prevalent mental health conditions. But, a lesser-known fact is that women are more likely to experience these conditions than men.  


To be specific, women have double the lifetime rates of both depression and anxiety as men. So, it’s safe to say that women are a key demographic needing top-quality mental healthcare.  


That’s why we were excited when the prominent telehealth platform Hers started offering virtual treatment plans for mental health. Easy-to-access mental health medication and therapy on a platform specifically for women? That sounds like it’s long overdue.


But, before you dive into a Hers membership, you surely want to learn more about their offerings, along with other tele-mental healthcare alternatives. So, keep reading for our complete Hers mental health review. We’ll help you decide it’s right for you!


Which mental health disorders does Hers treat?

Hers currently offers treatment plans for anxiety and depression, both of which come with a range of symptoms. If you’re struggling with any of the below, medication management or therapy through Hers could be your answer, and a free assessment is a great place to start.

  • Anxiety and worry
  • Work, career, life, or burnout stress
  • Fatigue and low energy or motivation
  • Depression and hopelessness

What does Hers prescribe for anxiety and depression?

Hers offers three main types of treatment for anxiety and depression: psychiatry services, online therapy, and mental health supplements.  More on each below.


Psychiatry services (Rx medication management)

For patients in need of prescription medication for anxiety and depression, Hers offers 100% online psychiatric care. With Hers, no in-person visits are required, and the platform’s network of thoroughly vetted doctors and nurse practitioners prescribe only FDA-approved, doctor-trusted medications including:  

    • Bupropion XL (generic for Wellbutrin XL®)
    • Buspirone HCI (generic for Buspar®)
    • Citalopram (generic for Celexa®)
    • Duloxetine (generic for Cymbalta®)
    • Escitalopram (generic for Lexapro®)
    • Fluoxetine (generic for Prozac®)
    • Paroxetine (generic for Paxil®)
    • Sertraline (generic for Zoloft®)
    • Venlafaxine (generic for Effexor®)

If your Hers provider determines that anxiety and/or depression medications are a fitting choice for your needs, they’ll have the prescription sent directly to your doorstep. Plus, the platform provides free delivery on all prescriptions instead of pharmacy pick-up – saving you time and hassle. 


You’ll need to have a subscription to receive medication management with Hers. in addition to your medication, the subscription includes unlimited provider evaluations, medication adjustments, and follow-ups.  


Online therapy with Hers

Hers is unique in its online mental health counseling offering, which is $99/session, no subscription required. This pay-as-you-go model could be for you if you’re struggling with balance and anxiety or depression and don’t want to commit to a therapist elsewhere right now.


The private video sessions are with licensed, vetted therapists and counselors that you can select and stick with for every session or switch at any point. You can also book only when necessary, making it ultra-easy to accommodate your schedule. There is no collaboration between your therapist and prescriber if you’re seeking both medication management and therapy, though, so you’d be choosing each as separate plans.


Pricing is consistent at $99/session, but you can choose weekly or monthly block sessions if you know you’re going to want to stick with a schedule. Hers also offers continued support with free resources (available on the Hers website and mobile app) and progress tracking in the Mental Health Dashboard.  


Mental wellness supplements

Along with prescription medications, Hers is big into supplements. Supplements offer the benefit of a much lower risk of side effects and may address different concerns than prescriptions. Plus, they’re a great option to consider for patients who don’t quite need a prescription but could still use a boost.  


Hers currently offers two different supplements for improved mental health:


Sleep Tight Gummies

Disrupted sleep can be detrimental to your mental health. Hers Sleep Tight Gummies are a sleep aid that contains melatonin, chamomile flower extract, and L-theanine. These non-habit-forming ingredients can help you calm down, relax, and fall asleep faster (without waking up groggy).  


Mind Unwind 

Mind Unwind “calm drops” from Hers contain a blend of adaptogens with natural relaxing benefits. The formula contains vitamin B6, 5-HTP, L-theanine, and a calming botanical blend with chamomile flower, ashwagandha root, Rhodiola root, and catnip leaf. These ingredients calm the body and mind while helping with stress management. The blend is naturally flavored with stone fruit and lavender for a truly peaceful experience.  


Note: supplements from Hers are not FDA-approved.


Hers alternatives: How does Hers compare to other telepsychiatry platforms?

Hers isn’t the only telemental health platform out there. So, let’s look at how it stacks up against two key competitors: Cerebral and Brightside

Best telepsychiatry platforms: Hers vs Cerebral vs Brightside

Areas of mental health treatedAnxiety Depression Sleep problems Burnout/job stress Major life events

Anxiety Depression Stress Grief Traumatic life events Phobias Self-esteem Insomnia Postpartum depression Menopausal depression PTSD

In certain states:

ADHD, bipolar disorder, alcohol dependence, chronic obesity, opioid use disorder, schizophrenia

Anxiety Depression Suicidal thoughts Self-harm Schizophrenia Bipolar disorder Substance abuse Borderline personality disorder Eating disorders

Online therapy: $99 per session

Psychiatry services: $85/month billed monthly or $49/month billed quarterly

Medication + Care Counseling: $99/month

Medication + Therapy: $325/month

Therapy: $259/month

Medication with a psychiatric provider: $95/month

Therapy + medication: $349/month

Therapy: $299/month

Access to licensed therapists?
Counseling or coaching?CounselingBothCounseling
Delivery areasPsychiatry in all U.S. states, limited states for online therapyPsychiatry in all U.S. states, talk therapy in 29 statesAll U.S. states
Ongoing support?
Accepts insurance?
Subscription required?Only for psychiatric services
Free shipping (medication)?
Unlimited messaging with your provider available?

Hers mental health reviews: What do customers think on Reddit and other sites?

We took to the web to find out what customers are saying about Hers mental health services. Here’s what we found:  


Source: TrustPilot


Source: Facebook


Source: Reddit


The Verdict: Is Hers worth it for mental health?

Now, with all of the facts on the table, let’s come to a verdict about Hers mental health services.  


There’s no denying that Hers offers a wide selection of online mental health care for women, with medication management, supplements, and online therapy all available on a single platform. We also like that this platform’s online therapy services don’t require a subscription, so you can purchase a session whenever you need it. While the psychiatry services do require a subscription, the low monthly cost and ongoing support make it a solid deal.  


Ultimately, Hers for anxiety and depression is the best option for women who don’t have insurance coverage for mental healthcare and need a convenient, affordable option. The company’s competitive out-of-pocket prices and flexible service offerings make it the right fit for this demographic.  Other options like Brightside and Cerebral are also worth looking in to, but Brightside is more expensive, and Cerebral’s is less focused for women. Thus if you are female and looking for affordable online therapy + anxiety medication, Hers mental health is our top pick!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should you see a mental health professional?

For many, seeking mental health care is a major step in and of itself. But, it’s followed by another big step: deciding which mental health professional to go to. It’s not a decision to take lightly, but understanding your options can make it easier.  


There are several different types of mental health professionals practicing across the U.S. today. These types of professionals differ in the care that they offer.  

  • Psychologists, counselors, therapists, clinicians, and clinical social workers can offer therapy and diagnose mental health conditions
  • Psychiatrists, psychiatric and family nurse practitioners, primary care doctors, and psychiatric pharmacists can prescribe and monitor medication for mental health conditions (as well as offer therapy and diagnoses in some cases)

Keep in mind that these designations can vary from state to state, so you may need to check out your region’s healthcare regulations. But, as a general rule of thumb, if you need prescription medications to manage a mental health condition, you’ll need to visit a licensed psychiatrist instead of a psychologist.


Unsure where to start? Take this short, free quiz to learn if you’re a good candidate for professional psychiatric care:


5 Min Anxiety Test


How are mental health conditions diagnosed?

Receiving a diagnosis for a mental health condition can seem daunting (and, dare we say, anxiety-inducing?). But it doesn’t have to be that way.  


Getting diagnosed with a mental health condition is actually pretty straightforward. After finding a care provider that you trust, you’ll undergo an evaluation. Basically, you’ll chat with your provider about your symptoms, thoughts, and feelings. They’ll also ask about aspects of your physical health and your medical and family history that could be contributing to your symptoms.  


Pinpointing mental illness can be tricky, so your provider will try to gather as much information as possible before diagnosing. Paying close attention to your symptoms (and even taking notes for the type A people among us) before your appointment can help you receive the most accurate diagnosis possible.  


Should you get mental health services online?

Over the past several decades, growing mental health awareness has paved the way for a mental healthcare revolution. The COVID-19 pandemic added fuel to the fire, and we now have a plethora of telemedicine offerings, including several dedicated exclusively to mental healthcare. From meditation apps to online therapy platforms to virtual psychiatry for ADHD and even psychedelic therapy for PTSD, there are options aplenty for remotely improving your mental well-being.  


But why exactly are more and more people turning to telemedicine for mental health care? While each patient may have their personal preferences, here are some of the key benefits virtual mental health clinics offer patients with conditions like anxiety, depression, and even ADHD:  

Lower cost

If you’ve ever had to pay for in-person psychiatry or therapy out-of-pocket, you know what we’re talking about. The average price for a single psychotherapy session in the U.S. can creep up to $200 or more. And, sadly, even if your insurance plan offers some mental healthcare coverage, it can be a challenge to find an in-network provider that’s not a serious commute from your home (and, let’s face it, traffic doesn’t exactly help with stress and anxiety).  


Telemedicine platforms tend to offer flexible subscription-based programs, allowing you to pay a flat monthly fee for the care that you need. Hers even offers a-la-carte therapy sessions, which can be helpful in incredible stressful moments (and save you $).

More Flexibility

Mental healthcare needs can vary drastically from person to person. Some of us need occasional therapy sessions, others of us need medication management, and many people fall somewhere in between. With telemedicine, the ability to message your provider from home makes it easy to find a treatment plan that fits your specific needs.

Greater Convenience

Speaking of having therapy at home – telemedicine gives patients the ability to save time (and gas money, stress, planning, coordination, the list goes on…) by never having to visit a doctor’s office to receive mental healthcare. For those of us with clock-a-block schedules, that convenience is huge.  


What is Hers?

Hers is a telemedicine platform that offers many online health services for women. From hair loss to skin concerns, Hers aims to be a one-stop shop for women needing convenient, accessible healthcare services. You might have heard of their counterpart, Hims, which does the same thing for men.  In 2020, soon after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hims & Hers both launched mental health services. 


Check out hers

How to get started with Hers mental health services?

Because all anxiety and depression treatments offered through Hers are prescription medications, they can only be purchased with a prescription from a qualified medical professional.


To begin , you’ll start with an online (virtual) consult with a doctor. First you’ll need to create a profile and answer a few questions about your health, lifestyle, medical history, and symptoms.  


After providing this information, patients must provide a government-issued ID and a credit card. Rest assured, your details are safe with Hers – the company encrypts all of this info within their secure platform.


Once your profile is complete, you’ll be matched with a provider that will work with you to set up your virtual consultation and craft a personalized treatment plan. 


How much is Hers mental health treatment?

If you’re interested in online therapy with Hers, you may be happy to learn that you don’t need to purchase a subscription. You can pay as you go OR buy a set of weekly or monthly sessions. In either case, sessions cost $99 each.  


If you’re seeking Rx medication, however, Hers does require a subscription for online psychiatry services. For your first month, you can receive depression and anxiety medications for just $25. After the first month, you’ll be charged:  

  • $85 per month for a monthly subscription
  • $49 per month for a three-month subscription ($123 for your first three months, followed by $147 billed quarterly)

Your Hers subscription will automatically renew. If you want to cancel, make sure to do so at least seven days before the renewal date to avoid being doulbe charges!  


Here’s the pricing breakdown for mental health supplements on Hers:

  • Sleep Tight Gummies: $19
  • Mind Unwind: $25

Does Hers accept insurance?

Hers doesn’t accept health insurance currently. This makes the platform ideal for patients who lack coverage for mental health treatment, but need access to affordable services nonetheless. That said, it’s also a much more convenient option for those with health insurance.  


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