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Ah, earaches, the bane of parents everywhere. When your child starts complaining of ear pain, it could be a sign many things: an infection like swimmer's ear, fluid trapped behind the eardrum, a Eustachian tube dysfunction (the tube that goes from your middle ear to the back of your nose and top of your throat) … the list goes on. A doctor's visit is likely in order if the pain persists, but that doesn't solve your immediate problem: how to help your child deal with the pain until then. (And no, Q-tips aren't the answer.)

The Ear Ease Pain Reliever is one treatment that's worth a try. Why? Well, we happened to notice its Amazon reviews are filled with satisfied customers, including school nurses. And listen, if there's one person we trust when it comes to quickly solving common kids' ailments, it's a school nurse.

Using the Ear Ease Pain Reliever also looks pretty simple. When your kid starts complaining of some discomfort, pull off the cap and fill the well with hot water. Snap the cap back on and have your child hold it up to the painful ear until the pain starts to fade.

Sounds easy, but how does it actually work? Turns out, the pain from an earache sometimes comes from a difference in pressure on either side of the eardrum due to inflammation, infection, or clogging. "Applying concentrated heat can help relax and soothe the painful area," the brand explains. It's designed to help open up that pesky Eustachian tube, which " should reestablish equal pressure on the eardrum and help it to drain properly, relieving both pressure and pain."

Ear Ease Pain Relief Kit

The product's reviews vary, which is to be expected when we're talking about treating a general ailment, like ear pain, that can be caused by many different factors. However, many reviewers swear by the Ear Ease Pain Reliever. "I am a school nurse, I have one of these in my office," writes one reviewer. "I use it often when students come in complaining of earaches as a first treatment option. I simply fill it with hot water from the tap. Often ear pain is resolved without the need for medication."

Another school nurse uses the Ear Ease Pain Reliever for high schoolers. The reviewer liked it so much, they ordered one to use at home for them and their family. "It is very easy to use and helps relieve pain and pressure in the ear," they wrote. Other users recommended it for earaches on planes, as long as you don't mind asking flight attendants for some hot water. "It was the first time I have flown in 40 years that I haven't had extreme ear pain," one reviewer wrote.

It reminds us of that Facebook tip that went viral a few years ago about using a hot washcloth and a mug to relieve ear pain, but in this case, there's no nerve-wracking possibility of burning your child's face when you apply the treatment. And while you should definitely see a doctor if your child is experiencing persistent ear pain, this handy tool might just take care of the pain on its own - or at least provide relief until a permanent fix is found.

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