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Every now and then, your body experiences pain that you can’t simply ignore. Whether it’s sore muscles or joint pain, you may want to consider a topical ointment — and there are a handful of options that can help temporarily numb the pain. If you’re interested in a powerful formula, give Blue Emu’s Super Strength Cream a try. This fragrance-free cream is deeply soothing for your body’s aches. And right now, the 12-ounce value size is available to shop for 53 percent off during Amazon’s October Prime Day, Prime Big Deal Days. But hurry, this incredible sale (and others at Amazon) will only last until tonight, so stock up on it while its over half off.



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With more than 11,000 five-star ratings, you’ll want to make this pain relief cream a household staple. It’s formulated to offer relief to tired muscles and joints, and specifically targets pain located in the back, neck, knees, elbows, wrists, hands, and feet. And it’s all thanks to its main ingredient, emu oil, which deeply penetrates into the skin to make other ingredients (such aloe vera and glucosamine) more effective and work right away.

One reviewer said that they felt all the tension disappear after just a few minutes. They added, “my mobility is much better with this product and if I go a day without using it, I can certainly tell a difference because those pains come back, but not as bad.”

What’s more, Blue Emu’s Super Strength Cream is also beneficial for those with dry skin. This non-greasy formula provides deep hydration from ingredients like aloe, glycerin, calendula, and more.  According to the brand, it’s safe to use this cream daily, and can be applied as needed. 

Even nurses have vouched for this product as an ideal solution for numbing the pain. One nurse said that it “almost immediately relieved” their sciatic pain without the need for other medications.

Another nurse, one with a knee injury, said, “after my two surgeries to repair my MCL, ACL and PCL, I have had therapy five days a week three hours a day.” They went on to say that while other creams didn’t provide the pain relief they needed, they “tried this and five minutes after putting it on I finally got relief.” 

Try Blue Emu’s Super Strength Cream to make your body feel better. Like a reviewer said, this pain relief cream “improves [the] quality of life.” But this deal won't last long; shop the pain relief cream nurses love at Amazon for $16 now — the deal ends tonight. 

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