What Patients Really Deserve From Their Healthcare

When you visit a doctor, you expect respect and care. And of course, most medical practices offer just that! But sometimes it can be easy for a patient to fall by the wayside, and to get less than they deserve when being seen by a professional. Knowing that could happen to you makes seeing a […]

14 Ways Low Glutathione Levels Could Be Affecting Your Health

Like many people, you may have never heard of glutathione before, much less heard it said out loud. It is pronounced "gloo-ta-thigh-own," and it's one of the most critical, adaptable, and powerful antioxidants your body produces. Although the human body makes its own glutathione, there are a whole host of things that can drain or […]

Physical fitness may reduce need for psychiatric medications

People in better physical condition appear to have less need for drugs to treat mood disorders, Norwegian researchers have found.

As patients suffer, long COVID remains a collection of symptoms with no single cure

With COVID wards and post-COVID clinics in hospitals now closed, the 10-20% of COVID sufferers who have long-term debilitating condition seek help through community health services

How Much You Really Need to Stress About the Stress Hormone

What's true about cortisol and what's just TikTok.

Health Tips Apple To Banana, Best Fruits To Lower Cholesterol Levels In The -Body

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I'm Biohacking My Health, the Results Are Incredible

Biohacking has truly revolutionized my mental and physical well-being.

Smoking more than doubles your risk of mental illness: new study

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes can ruin your body. The list of illnesses that smoking causes — heart disease, stroke, diabetes, emphysema, bronchitis and several types of cancer — is long and troubling. However, most people don’t realize that smoking also increases the risk of mental illness. In recent years, studies have suggested that there’s a strong link between smoking and mental illness. But researchers haven’t been able to decide...

A fitness trainer shares the No. 1 exercise for a 'longer life': It has 'major aging benefits'

Starting at age 30, our muscle mass starts to deteriorate. A fitness trainer shares the No. 1 exercise to help fend off the negative effects, live longer, and keep her body young.

Physical inactivity during childhood linked to heart damage in early adulthood

physical inactivity during childhood and adolescence could set the stage for heart attacks and strokes later in life.

Living on a prayer? How attending worship can improve your physical and mental health.

The decline of religion across the U.S. seems to be associated with negative health effects, write Dr. Phil and Dr. John Whyte of WebMD.

Short Naps Are Good for You — But Not Past 30 Minutes

A 20 to 30 minute nap could be restorative for many people, but things get more complicated past that, especially for those ages 60 and up.

What pecans and fragrance add to health — and childhood adversity takes away

How can people improve their health? New studies from Texas A&M, UC San Francisco and UC Irvine look at memory improvement, diabetes prevention and how childhood harms linger into old age.

Professional FAQs: Is zucchini good for health?

8 Signs You’re Already at a Healthy Weight

Health experts weigh in on what it really means to be a "healthy weight," from following a healthy lifestyle to your resting heart rate. The post 8 Signs You’re Already at a Healthy Weight appeared first on The Healthy.

STOP! Don’t Do These 15 Things If You Want To Live A Long Happy Life

Life is full of choices, and while some lead us down the path of success and happiness, others can have detrimental consequences. Recognizing and avoiding these common pitfalls can make all the difference in leading a fulfilling and prosperous life. Many people make plenty of bad choices, and steering clear of them can pave the way for a brighter future.

One prevalent American habit could kill you in 5 years – Up to 40% of USA is at risk

In a society that prioritizes hustle and productivity, one vital aspect of life often falls to the wayside: sleep habit.

Bladder diseases: watch out for these symptoms

When something goes wrong with our bladder, we realize just how much our daily lives depend on this organ. While some symptoms are obvious, others are harder to detect and may go unnoticed. In most cases, the cause is not serious, but can sometimes hide more worrying disorders. Here are several signs to watch for if your bladder is malfunctioning along with some tips for preventative care.

The truth about how often you should poop

Are you curious about how often should you poop, or the secrets to maintaining healthy bowel movements and boosting your overall well-being? If so, you're in luck.

How to Improve Your Health With Digital Tools in Under 10 Minutes a Day

Build sustainable wellness habits by starting with these quick activities that you can do in 10 minutes or less.

Study identifies risk factors for long-haul COVID disease in adults

Mayo Clinic researchers have identified risk factors that can cause adult COVID-19 patients to suffer symptoms that linger for months or years. The condition is often referred to as long-haul COVID. The findings are reported in the Journal of Investigative Medicine. Researchers surveyed more than 3,000 adults over the age of 18 who were treated via Mayo Clinic's virtual COVID-19 clinics in ...

Dozens of My Friends Have Had Coronavirus—Here’s What They Want You to Know

One by one, I've watched friends and family members contract, spread, and battle coronavirus. They've shared their stories in the hope of helping others. The post Dozens of My Friends Have Had Coronavirus—Here’s What They Want You to Know appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Sen. Rand Paul says GOP's top recruit against Manchin has 'a lot of health issues,' questions his ability to serve

Paul's comments about the West Virginia governor's physical fitness to serve come amid a spate of recent health-related issues among senators.

Workout regime reduces risk of early death by 50%: Study

Researchers say regardless of which routine people choose, it's important to stay active in order to reduce the risk of early death.

All Welsh health boards placed on enhanced monitoring amid deficit concerns

All Welsh health boards placed on enhanced monitoring amid deficit concerns - Health minister Eluned Morgan said the boards had been unable to submit financially balanced mid-term plans.

The Power of Sleep: How Quality Sleep Can Enhance Your Performance and Productivity

Sleep is a critical physiological process that helps maintain overall health and well-being. Sleep aids in performance as it helps rejuvenate the brain and boost new brain cell growth. When you wake up with satisfied sleep, you are likely to feel more motivated throughout the day. Better sleep improves performance and productivity in ways explained... The post The Power of Sleep: How Quality Sleep Can Enhance Your Performance and Productivity...

Nearly Half of Heart Attack and Stroke Survivors Don't Know What 'Bad' Cholesterol Is

Fact checked by Nick Blackmer New research found that a majority of heart attack and stroke survivors report having high cholesterol.Nearly half of those survivors are unaware that low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) is “bad" cholesterol.Experts recommend patients maintain awareness of cholesterol levels and work to stay within th...

6 “Healthy” Habits That Mess With Your Gut

Gut health is a hot topic, but there seems to be conflicting messages on grocery store labels, in research, and even among the medical community on what you should do to take care of your digestive system. If you're experiencing issues in the…

15 Habits for a Happy Life: Tips for Making the Most of Each Day & Taking Care of Yourself

Happiness doesn't always come easy, but these happiness-boosting habits will help open the door. 1. Avoid negative people. We've all had to deal with Debbie Downers and people who are just plain nasty. Fact is, negativity is contagious, and spending time with people who are constantly complaining or who treat you badly has dire consequences for you...

Study: Nearly 800,000 people in the U.S. die or become permanently disabled every year because of misdiagnosis

A new study shows nearly 800,000 people in the U.S. die or become permanently disabled every year because their disease or medical condition was misdiagnosed. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains why this seems to happen so often.

Heart Health Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Heart disease is the primary cause of death in men and women in the UK and the US. Yet the indicators of heart problems often go unnoticed, and prolonged waits for tests affect a significant portion of individuals. Here are four heart health red flags you should never ignore. Unusual Chest Sensation. Most heart-related episodes involve discomfort in the chest, often described as uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain. If this sensation lasts for more than 15 minutes, it's a significant red flag. Sometimes mistaken for heartburn, taking it lightly can be risky. Excessive Sweating. Unexplained cold sweats or excessive perspiration, unrelated to exercise or menopause, could indicate a potential heart attack. The body's "fight or flight" response, which is triggered during a heart attack, may lead to sweating. Lightheadedness. Dizziness can have various causes like hunger or quick changes in posture. When combined with chest discomfort and shortness of breath, it could potentially be signaling an impending heart issue. Swelling in Legs and Ankles. The heart's role is to efficiently circulate blood throughout the body. Heart failure can disrupt this function, causing fluid retention (oedema), visible as swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs due to excess fluid buildup.

Divorce and insomnia linked to health issues in postmenopausal women – study

Divorce and insomnia linked to health issues in postmenopausal women – study - Stressful life events and insomnia have been linked to a greater risk of an irregular heartbeat in women after the menopause.

Man's Lack of Concern for Health Worries His Spouse

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are in our 30 s. I love him, and I'm worried because he has a "laissez-faire" attitude about everything-- especially his health. --WIFE WHO CARES IN IOWA.

116,000 people increased life expectancy by at least 26% – It only takes 20 minutes per day

Life is a precious gift we all cherish and yearn to make the most out of.

Long-COVID patients have clear hormonal and immune differences, research shows, raising hope for treatments

Study finds path to understand and address the root causes of long COVID, researchers say

Man Shares Key Signs of Pre-Diabetes Everyone Should Know

This is great information.

What is scoliosis? Causes and symptoms of the spinal condition, treatment plans and more

Scoliosis can be treated a variety of ways depending on the severity of the condition. Most scoliosis cases are seen in children and the cause is unknown.

The surprising health benefits of having straight teeth

Dr. Raj Juneja, Principal Dentist at Face Teeth Smile Dental Clinic, has explained why having straight teeth can be good for your overall health. Oral hygiene. Having straight teeth can often mean that they are easy to clean because there are no overlaps. "There are fewer crevices and tight spaces where food particles and plaque can hide. This reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease.”

The positive aspects of caffeine for your health

Coffee increases energy flow, the nervous system works better, which also contributes to motivation,

People with heart failure can walk their way back to health: study

By Pol Allingham via SWNS Heart failure patients can step their way back to health by walking more, according to a new study. Scientists say that wearing a step counter can be "clinically significant" - and could also inform future trials and medical care. Heart failure patients were ranked using a zero to 100 scale […] The post People with heart failure can walk their way back to health: study appeared first on Talker.

The Significance of Mental Wellbeing in Nurturing a Healthy Heart and Brain

Research has highlighted the profound impact of anxiety, stress, and depression on physical health, potentially increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. The American Heart Association, a leading nonprofit organization devoted to heart and brain health, has recognized a strong link between the mind, heart, and body in its scientific statement, “Psychological Health, Well-Being, […]

Your Health Is Important, So Stop Treating It Like It Isn't

Your health is important, and it’s time that you stop treating it like it isn’t. There are so many things that you need to do in order to take care of your health properly, and it’s time that you started taking this seriously. If it has gotten to a point where your health is declining, then you have got to start taking action sooner rather than later. We understand that part of the reason that some people don’t is because they don’t know what to...

Healthy Living with Wasabi: Expert-Backed Advice and Risks

This article examines the potential benefits and side effects of consuming wasabi. It discusses the positive effects of wasabi on heart health, weight loss, and the immune system, as well as the potential risks of bleeding and bruising for those with bleeding disorders. The article also looks at the potential anticancer effects of wasabi and its diuretic action. Perspectives from two health experts are included, providing insight into the...

The 3 Secret Steps To Guarantee A Good Night's Rest, From Sleep Experts

A good night's sleep is not just great for the body; it's also essential for our general well-being. It helps you get sick less often; maintain a healthy weight; reduce stress and improve your mood, as well as helping you think more clearly; and do better at work or in school.

Scientists change the number of steps needed to stay healthy

10 Telltale Signs Your Job is Making You Sick

Workplace stress is not a novel phenomenon, but its implications on health, both mental and physical, have come to light in recent years. An overwhelming job doesn’t merely affect your professional performance but also seeps into your personal life, disrupting your overall well-being. Carefully considering the stressors in our professional lives, we’ve outlined the most common manifestations of how your job could potentially be making you ill.

5 Tips To Live Longer, According to a Neurosurgeon

Take control of your health, fitness, and well-being to add more years to your life.

Want a healthy heart? Viagra might be the secret!

Under Stress? These 5 Breathing Exercises Can Help Ease Symptoms

Using intentional breathing when you're stressed can help ground your mind. Here's how to start.

Braincare to the fore: Seven ways to take care of your brain

The human brain is often overlooked, but when its functions are affected, it can have a big impact on one rsquo;s well-being Our brain is a remarkable organ that plays a crucial role in our everyday activities. Despite its importance, it is often overlooked as we cannot see it working. However, when its functions are affected, it can have a significant impact on our overall well-being. Various diseases and conditions can affect the brain, making...