• Drew Barrymore loves the Aloe Infusion Organic Aloe Vera Gel.
  • She touted the product as one of her “favorite summer beauty products” in an Instagram post.
  • Reviewers rave that the gel is lightweight, non-sticky, and super hydrating on the skin.

If there’s one celebrity who we can always count on for the best product recommendations, it’s Drew Barrymore. From her favorite hydrating eye patches to the root touch-up spray she swears by, the 48-year-old actress has never steered us wrong. That’s why we know we can turn to her for the very best beauty essentials for the summer—including one pick that we’re making sure to stock up on (especially while it’s on sale right now!), the Aloe Infusion Organic Aloe Vera Gel.


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Barrymore first touted the product in an Instagram post last year, as part of her “Drew’s Little Yellow Book” series—a list of all her favorite products that she reveals on The Drew Barrymore Show’s website. This time, for a “Summer Beauty Edition” of the series, the actress shared all her “favorite summer beauty products” of the year—and one of her warm-weather essentials was, of course, a bottle of aloe vera gel.

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of aloe vera, this natural, cactus-like plant is perhaps best known to soothe and provide relief to sunburns—making it great to have on hand after spending time in the sun. According to experts, it can even relieve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, prevent dark spots, and slow down the signs of aging. Aloe Infusion’s gel helps soothe as it is pure, organic aloe vera, per the brand.

But one thing that makes the gel stand apart from other aloe vera products on the market, according to reviewers, is its lightweight, non-sticky texture. Aloe Infusion’s formula doesn’t contain xanthan, an ingredient that’s commonly known to leave behind a residue when applied to the skin—which helps the gel to absorb quickly without any sticky, messy feeling.

“This aloe gel has a light non-sticky texture and is quickly absorbed into the skin without causing any redness or sensitivity or greasy feel. It calms the skin and hydrates gently,” writes one reviewer on Amazon. Another customer who raves that the gel is “top-notch quality” writes: “It is thick but gooey, and it absorbs into my skin easily, leaving behind soft skin once the stickiness dries. [It] leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft without any off-putting texture.”

The aloe gel is on sale via Amazon right now—meaning you can snag a 16-oz. bottle for only $20. And with a glowing recommendation from Barrymore, we’re definitely making sure to stock up for upcoming pool days and beach outings. Just don’t forget to also add Barrymore’s other favorite skincare products to your cart, too. Check them out below.

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