Chicago PD has no shortage of heartbreak or surprising plot twists, especially when it comes to character deaths. The NBC procedural series, which served as the first spinoff of Chicago Fire, revolves around the Intelligence Unit in the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department, led by Sergeant Hank Voight. The team's morals are gray at best, which leads them into some tricky situations, and sometimes, not everyone makes it out alive.

From the very first episode to the season 10 finale, Chicago PD fans have dealt with numerous shocking deaths. Whether the writers are killing off a main or recurring character, it's heartbreaking all the same. Hopefully, Adam Ruzek's name won't get added to the list after the Chicago PD season 11 finale, but in the meantime, these five character deaths are the ones that made the viewers' jaws drop to the floor.

Julie Willhite

Following in Chicago Fire's footsteps, the spinoff killed off one of the team's central figures during the pilot — Julie Willhite. Its predecessor began its pilot with the death of Andy Darden, and Chicago PD kicked things off with the death of Julie. Julie was Antonio Dawson's partner and good friend, and she had a special bond with Erin Lindsay, seeing as they were the only two female detectives in the Intelligence Unit.

At the end of Chicago PD season 1, episode 1, Julie and Antonio entered a building that was unknowingly occupied by a dangerous drug dealer's men. One of them shot Julie through a door, hitting her in the neck. An ambulance transferred the detective to the hospital, but they couldn't do anything to save her. Julie later died, and her death undoubtedly had a significant effect on everyone in the Intelligence Unit, especially Antonio, Lindsay, and Voight. Plus, Julie's death during the first episode sent a message to viewers — any Chicago PD character could die, which fans learned the hard way as the series continued.

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Sheldon Jin

If Julie's death during Chicago PD season 1 wasn't enough, the writers killed off another character in the finale — Sheldon Jin, played by Archie Kao. Kao was the first series regular to die, marking a turning point in the show. Yes, if Julie could die, then anyone could, but Sheldon's death was a gut punch.

Sheldon was the Intelligence Unit's communications specialist/analyst/tech wizard, meaning that he often ran surveillance and pursued other technological-related ventures. He got involved with Edwin Stillwell, a sergeant in Internal Affairs, when he coerced Sheldon to provide him with information on Voight. If Sheldon refused, Stillwell threatened to deport his father, so the Intelligence Unit member complied. Unfortunately, Stillwell murdered Sheldon during the Chicago PD season 1 finale, but the detectives were able to implicate him for the crime and get justice for their colleague and friend.

Justin Voight

Just when Chicago PD fans thought Voight was starting to walk the straight and narrow path, his son, Justin, died in the season 3 finale. Voight and Justin didn't have the best relationship, but they were working on it and had come a long way since Justin got out of prison. Unfortunately, in trying to do the right thing, Justin was shot and left for dead in the trunk of his car. Voight and Lindsay found him, but once Justin got to the hospital, the doctors declared him brain-dead.

Justin's death was a reset for the NBC drama show since it forced Voight to revert to his old shady ways. He tracked down the man who killed his son, Kevin Bingham. Voight forced him to dig his own grave and shot and killed him. With Lindsay's help, Voight got away with the murder, but it wasn't enough to make him feel better after losing Justin. The Chicago PD season 3 finale remains, to this day, one of the best and most shocking finales of the series, and it all stems back to Justin's murder.

Nadia Decotis

Nadia's death was arguably the most heartbreaking one in Chicago PD, given her introduction to the show and character development. Season 1 introduced Nadia as an 18-year-old escort and drug addict who formed a connection with Lindsay when the detective arrested her and pledged to help her get clean. Lindsay helped Nadia get a job as an administrative assistant at the 21st District, and she had aspirations of one day becoming a police officer. Sadly, her dreams would never come to fruition.

A serial killer named Gregory Yates kidnapped Nadia and brought her to New York City, where he raped and murdered her. The NYPD was able to convict Yates for Nadia's murder and several other women's, but the pain from losing Nadia set Lindsay down a troubled path. She briefly quit the Intelligence Unit but was later able to process her grief and return. However, the ending to Nadia's story is still one of the most shocking moments in the history of Chicago PD.

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Alvin Olinsky

One of the toughest goodbyes in Chicago PD was to Alvin Olinsky, one of the original Intelligence Unit members. Aside from Voight, Olinsky was the most experienced detective on the team, and the others often looked up to him. He was Voight's best friend, Ruzek's mentor, and so much more. So when Olinsky died during the season 5 finale, it was beyond shocking for the audience.

When the CPD found Kevin Bingham's body, the man Voight killed for murdering Justin, they discovered Olinsky's DNA on the remains. However, Olinsky remained loyal to Voight and refused to turn his back on his friend when questioned by Internal Affairs. Unfortunately, he was later arrested for the murder of Kevin, and while in jail, another prisoner stabbed Olinsky. He was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries. Voight obviously felt immense guilt, but he channeled all of his grief and anger into killing the man responsible for ordering the hit on Olinsky in Chicago PD.

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