DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: Fortune and Friends

With an estimated net worth of $3.8 billion, it is clear that DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is a very successful businessman. His work has netted him both fortune and friendships with some notable names.

Hussain Sajwani started out in a middle class household in Dubai, went to college in the U.S., and returned to work in the finance department of a gas company for a couple of years. In 1983, his entrepreneurial drive pushed him to start his own business–a food services company. This turned out well for him.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani decided to expand his business success. He expanded into the world of property development with DAMAC Properties. The founding of DAMAC came in the wake of a significant change to Dubai property laws; this change enabled non-emirates to purchase property within the emirate.

The establishment of DAMAC moved Hussain Sajwani in a new direction. He still owned the food services company that he had done so well with, but his focus turned more to property development. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg and Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase

As DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has played a significant role in shaping the built landscape of Dubai–perhaps more so than any other person. From his first high-rise apartment building set in a then fairly undeveloped area of Dubai, Hussain Sajwani has shaped the look of Dubai.

In the role of DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has bolstered his fortune. The company has done extremely well in Dubai and throughout the Middle East; in 2016, DAMAC generated revenues of nearly $2 billion.

Among the projects that DAMAC has undertaken were two Trump-branded golf courses; this business partnership that Hussain Sajwani established with Donald Trump has turned into a friendship. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: https://www.damacproperties.com/en/investor-relations/corporate-governance/meet-our-board and http://www.gulfconstructiononline.com/news/story/4267

The Sajwani and Trump families have grown close, and several members of the Trump family were in attendance at the wedding of Hussain Sajwani’s daughter Amira recently.

Donald Trump has described Sajwani as a friend. Hussain Sajwani, for his part, has expressed a desire for DAMAC to be able to do more business deals with the Trump organization.

Changing Up The Style and a Look

One of the common things about style is that it often changes. Even personal style changes with the individual. For one thing, style is often about personal expression. Therefore, if one goes through a change, one of the ways that he expresses that change is through clothing and other aspects of his style. Some people maintain the same style for years and even decades while others may go through different changes and phases in their fashion. One example of someone who often changes up her style is Katy Perry. She has experimented with different looks.

Many people change their style for different reasons, especially if they are in the entertainment industry. For one thing, some people may change up their style so that they will play a role. As a matter of fact, it is very common for people to change their appearance as an actor. Some people gain weight while others lose the weight. While some people may find themselves appalled at some of the changes that happen, the best thing about changes in style is that one can go through another change in his style.

One very important thing about changing a style is that it has to be done for individual reasons. If it is done to impress someone or get the attention of someone, then it is likely to backfire on that person. This is one of the main factors to whether or not the change is considered something that is wise or foolish. When one looks to himself for change, then he is going to have an easier time making a sensible change.

The Attitudes Towards Trends

When people are asked about trends, they are going to give plenty of different answers. For one thing, those that are not that familiar with the idea of fashion would think that trends and styles are the same things. People that try so hard to fit in are going to think the trends are the only way to go. This often results in some of the sloppiest outfits that people will ever see. Then there are people that have pretty much-mastered fashion. They often give the impression that trends are evil and should be avoided if one wants to be stylish.

However, the best attitude about trends should be balanced. For one thing, trends do have some kind of advantage. For one thing, if an item is trending, then it is going to be a little easier to find. Also, there are some new trends that pop up every once in a while that are actually aesthetically pleasing. In fact, when people know how to use a trend to complete an outfit, they can come up with something that is very pleasing when it comes to aesthetics.

One thing that each person must do when it comes to trends is decide for himself what his conclusion is for trends. If he likes the trend, then he can use it to his advantage to put together an outfit that is going to be pleasing to people he comes across. He does not have to do anything with the trend that he does not like.

Never Letting Others Dictate One’s Style

The world of fashion is an interesting world to look at. At the same time, people can be very cruel about fashion. There are a lot of people who are out to control others. Among the ways that they try to control others is through fashion. For one thing, people try to dictate to others what they should wear. Fortunately, other than the official dress codes, people do not have to worry about dressing a certain way. The unfortunate thing is that even without the dress code, there will be some people that are going to take it upon themselves to target someone who is dressing a little bit out of the norm.

One of the best things for people to do is to stand up for themselves in the best way that they can. One example of this is Tiffany Haddish. She is someone who has taken it upon herself to repeat an outfit that was a hit with the public. She has dealt with reactions across the board. Many of the people that have responded have approved. However, there are some people that have taken it upon herself to ridicule her. Tiffany’s response is that this is who she is.

People outside of the entertainment industry are faced with this same thins to an extent. One thing that can happen when people dress outside of the norm but in the style that they truly want is that they will get a surprising amount of approval with a little bit of disapproval if even any.

What It Feels Like To Wear What One Truly Wants to Wear

When it comes to fashion, there are a ton of dictators that try to tell someone what they should wear. This can scare people away from wearing what they truly want, especially the men. However, given that fashion is often regarded as a method of self expression, it can be quite an experience for people to wear what they want. As a matter of fact, some people are probably wondering what it is like to wear what they truly want to wear. For one thing, it is surprisingly uncommon for people to wear what they truly want because of many factors that are involved.

Often times, when someone wears what he truly wants, he does have to face some kind of fear of being noticed and ridiculed. Also, there are certain cases when people who wear what they truly want are faced with negative consequences. Then there are cases when people wear items that they truly want and come across a bit of approval for what they are wearing. This may give them an extra bit of confidence while dealing with the discomfort that comes with wearing something that is out of the norm.

One factor that can cause people to back away from dressing in ways that they want is that it is not what is being promoted in entertainment. With men, they have to make sure that they are staying within the narrow confines of masculinity. However, there are some people that are stepping out of the confines to expand their masculinity as a result.

Entertainers Find Their Own Art With Fashion

One of the best things about fashion and being a celebrity is that they can influence trends, especially if they wear their outfits well. As a matter of fact, if a celebrity is wearing an outfit that is working well for her, she is going to cause a lot of others to want to wear similar outfits. This can bring forth some more sales in the stores that sell these items that make up the outfit. Not all entertainers are able to put a good outfit together. This is one of the reasons some of them have people dress them.

Another thing is that many entertainers never wear the same outfit twice. There are the rare exceptions such as Tiffany Haddish. As a matter of fact, when Tiffany has repeated one of her outfits, she has actually addressed an unwritten taboo in the fashion industry. For one thing, people are told not to wear the same outfits again in the public eye, at least in such a short amount of time. The reaction has been rather positive, especially among her peers. One thing that Tiffany Haddish has been told as a response to her choices is that she has helped people.

One of the best things about artists who dare to step outside of the norms is that they are very helpful to other entertainers. For one thing, they let their lights shine. This encourages others to let their light shine. As more people are finding their own art with the use of fashion, the industry as a whole is gaining diversity.

The Visionary Home Products and Eucatex President, Flavio Maluf

Eucatex and Duratex have entered into a business partnership involving Eucatex’s farm in Capão Bonito that will be given to Duratex, who will, in turn, offer Eucatex a production line of thin sheets of wood in Botucatu. Duratex, however, will on the farm as it intends to continue producing raw materials next to its unit in Itapetinga. The company’s re-inauguration will commence in April. The acquisition of the business is valued at approximately $ 60 million. The Botucatu’s plant has 280 employees and has an estimated production of 200 thousand m³ per year.

Flavio Maluf, Executive President of Eucatex, announced the deal to the company workers and leaders about the partnership in a letter. The Botucatu business deal is awaiting approval by CADE. Flavio Maluf said the acquisition would increase Eucatex production capacity of fiberboard by 70%, 30% of the paint capacity and 40% of paper printing. The Duratex unit of wood fiber sheets located in the city of Botucatu (SP) will help the company to plan better their sales, maintenance and reduce process losses. Visit barbacenaonline.com to learn more.

Eucatex aims at strengthening their presence both in the local Brazilian and overseas markets, a plan that will allow them to capture the synergies of all the Group’s units gradually. This will also increase the number of products that can be produced in addition to opening direct and indirect jobs. The incorporation of Duratex’sBotucatu plant to Eucatex is a step towards consolidating the company’s position in the industry globally.

Flavio Maluf attended FAAP in Sao Paulo and has been the president of GrandFood before joining Eucatex. He shares his entrepreneurial skills on a blog offering valuable business tips. He has tackled topics such as how to approach a job interview and be successful, how to be a successful employee, and how to grow up the corporate ladder. He also talks extensively about the Brazilian industry and its future.

Eucatex was founded in 1951 as a company that deals with tiles, paints, and other home products sold in Brazil and abroad. They mainly use Eucalyptus wood and have been a renowned eco-friendly company in Brazil since it was founded. Visit: http://www.dino.com.br/releases/flavio-maluf-e-sua-trajetoria-profissional-flavio-maluf-e-presidente-da-eucatex-brasil-dino89063425131


Feminine Trends Making it Into Men’s Fashion

People that have been observing men’s fashion are aware of many things. Among the things that they are aware of is that certain “feminine” trends are making their way into menswear. For instance, there are “skirts” being sold for men. There is also the men’s romper craze of last year. When it comes to these trends appearing in menswear, the reactions to these trends are variable. Some of them welcome the trends into men’s fashion while others are appalled by the trends. Some of the people who are well versed in men’s fashion are not surprised at all about the upcoming trends.

One thing that can be said about some of the trends is that while some people may look sideways at the idea of a man in a skirt, there is a country named Scotland where men have worn kilts which are similar to skirts. Another thing to notice is that this is not the first time that men’s fashion has taken more “feminine” directions. The 70’s and the 80’s were filled with quite a few diverse and “strange” trends in menswear. It is in the 90’s that everything became monotonous in men’s fashion with most of the colors being reserved for feminine clothing.

Another thing to understand is that a lot of the items that are considered feminine were actually created for men when they first came out. Feminine items like high heel shoes were originally worn by men, and it actually served a function beyond its aesthetic. Even make up has always been worn by men throughout history.

The Changing Atmosphere for Men

Society is going through a lot of changes when it comes to men. For one thing, masculinity is apparently under attack. One of the most recent articles talk about it being okay for men to wear make up. While many people may think that this is one of the latest efforts to emasculate men, history seems to suggest otherwise. For one thing, men are no strangers to make up. This is not talking about the rock stars who use make up for their artistic purposes. Ever since make up existed, there has been men that have worn make up. Also, actors and other entertainers of both genders wear make up in order to enhance their appearance on camera.

Many people wear make up for different reasons. Women often state that they wear make up so that they can look better. The interesting thing is a lot of women can look good without make up. The only issue is that some of these chemicals can cause problems on the skin of the woman who is wearing make up as it depends on the make up company. This is one of the reasons that men tend to look a little “better” than women without make up.

One thing that is certain is that a lot of trends and concepts that were considered feminine in fashion are being brought over to men. At the same time, men were always legally allowed to wear make up. Any backlash has come from peers when a man has done something that was considered feminine.

Beyonce Finds a New Favorite Jewelry Designer

For those in the fashion industry, it’s all about accessorizing. After all, no outfit is complete without amazing accessories. Luckily, Ariana Boussard-Reifel has been creating some incredible pieces recently. Inspired by ancient warriors and other eclectic influences, this brilliantly creative designer knows how to craft perfectly modern pieces that capture a stunning sensibility as well. Perhaps it should be no surprise that the Knowles sisters, Beyonce and Solange, have become fans of this line. Beyonce even sported one of the line’s incredible bracelets during a 2017 Grammy appearance.

However, Boussard-Reifel wasn’t always the biggest jewelry designer in the game. During a dazzling debut with her label Marteau Co., this enterprising It Girl picked up tons of vintage pieces that she knew would be a hit with her customers. From there, she went on to create pieces such as the Teton cuff, which looks almost like a superhero version of Elsa Peretti’s iconic bone cuff from Tiffany. Available in brass or silver, this is a bracelet that makes the woman wearing it truly shine.

With a unique perspective, this designer doesn’t just wait for life to happen to her; her intricate designs come as the result of an exciting background that bridges many interests. Originally from Montana, she made her way to New York City to learn more about sculpture. Along the way, she eventually ended up owning a vintage clothing shop and even working on a reality show that didn’t get picked up.

Boasting this unique worldview, Boussard-Reifel traveled the world looking for unique antique jewelry pieces—and she found them. Some of these pieces are still available on her website, in addition to her new designs, which many consider to be groundbreaking and compelling. Perfectly complementing all kinds of outfits, this is jewelry that captivates all who see it.