Lingerie Isn’t About the Men Anymore

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Lingerie is manufactured for women to wear. However, much of the purpose behind lingerie is to stir the fantasies of men. You only need to look at the advertisements of some of the biggest lingerie brands to see that most bras, panties, and accessories are designed to put men in a state of arousal. However, some of that might be changing. More and more lingerie brands are targeting their products with the message that men are optional when it comes to lingerie.


Some of it started with a woman named Heidi Zak. Zak realize one morning that she hated having to shop for bras. She quickly realized this was because so many bars were designed for appearance and not for comfort. She started a business called ThirdLove. ThirdLove sells basic undergarments designed by women for women. Run exclusively online, Thirdlove allows women to purchase bras and panties without all the hangers, fluorescent lighting, and annoying overhead music.


Zak’s brand is also reshaping the messages behind lingerie. Foe example, ThirdLove doesn’t view lingerie as a product for sexual fantasy. Instead, it show how lingerie can provide comfort, confidence, and empowerment. Perhaps this message is best communicated through the advertisements on the ThirdLove website. Traditionally, lingerie models have been photographed gazing sensually into the camera. At ThirdLove, the models gaze downward at themselves. This suggests the model is wearing the lingerie for her own comfort and not the for the pleasure of someone else. What a terrific message!


Pantone Released the Color of 2017

Pretty much everyone can agree that 2016 has been a very rough year for the world. Between politic strife, bombings and the loss of incredible entertainers, this year has been a doozy. However, the sun will still rise, and Pantone has released a new color for 2017.


Every year, the company takes part in this tradition, which gives us a way to focus upon the trajectory of humanity while also staying stylish. Simply by being anointed the year’s most relevant color, this hue will undoubtedly be included in more fashion lines and paint schemes. This year’s color is Greenery, which is a spunky shade of green with a hint of yellow thrown in. It’s meant to evoke rejuvenation and spring, heralding a new season. With so many people on the planet looking forward to the new year, it certainly seems appropriate.


Pantone has been tracking trends within the past year, and Greenery definitely stands out as a rebellious choice that defines the need for awakening. The color definitely captures a certain kind of passion for nature, as well as the joy of a new year. Since it is such a bold shade, experts are betting that Greenery will show up mostly in workout clothes and swimwear this year. Fashionistas will most likely use the color to accent their more neutral wardrobe choices, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of handkerchiefs and scarves in this remarkable shade.


People Are Asking If the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Culturally Relevant

With ratings that either dip or remain lackluster with each passing year, it would seem that the once glorious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is plagued by waning enthusiasm. For two years in a row, the famous fashion show has been hurting in the numbers department. Many in the fashion industry—and outside of it—are even questioning why the show exists. It does seem like somewhat of an anomaly these days. With all of the entertainment now available on the web, the fashion show is definitely less titillating than it once would have been perceived.


It’s not for a lack of star power, either. With top models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid hitting the runway as anointed Angels, one would think that the current generation would get into it. However, this has not been the case. Perhaps the supermodels of yesteryear—Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell among them—had something that translated with audiences in a way that this current crop of models can’t muster. In a world where it takes a lot to shock, the outfits that the models parade down the runway don’t seem surprising or even particularly fashion-forward. However, some viewers have complained to the FCC about the skimpy outfits.


In the coming years, it should be interesting to see if the network decides that this holiday mainstay needs to go. Although it has been fun watching the Angels take on the world in their princess-pink plane, one can’t help but wonder if it’s time for something new.


All Year Round Releases More High Quality and Affordable Women’s Wear

Maggie Winter and Jac Cameroon co-founded All Year Round (AYR) in 2014. AYR is an e-commerce clothing brand consisting of women’s wear with the major focus on denim. The company has its headquarters in New York City, and it lately opened a new store in Lafayette Street, Soho. The AYR, which is a brother company to Bonobos, launched Guideshop in April 2014. Later in September the same year, they collaborated with Shopbop in opening a wholesale shop.



Interview With Forbes



The two co-founders and co-CEOs started AYR with the aim of providing high-quality fashion brands at an affordable price. According to an interview with the Forbes magazine, Jac Cameroon stated that they are so many different brands in the market, but the challenge lies in the quality and pricing. The high-quality items are not affordable to everyone while the ones with a good price are not of high quality. Therefore, the two embarked on the journey to provide season-less quality women brands at fair prices.



Their bestselling items include the white poplin popover, the Robe that is a long Italian woolen coat, the powdery blues chambray shirts, and skinny jeans. The following essential covered all the seasons meaning that women will not have to spend more on getting different outfits with the change of seasons.



AYR as an Independent Company



When All Year Round began, they were operating under Bonobos. Before their launch, they had established some good contact with their manufacturing company in Los Angeles, which made them some pairs of jeans. Their first clients were friends who purchased the jeans from a lost in Garment District. In 2015, they had established their customer base, and they moved out of the incubation with Bonobos and started running independently.



Marketing the Brand



They have always relied on the press and word of mouth in marketing their brands. The Forbes fashion editor, their co-founder Max and expert in fashion PR, and the community have also played a vital role in the growth of their company. Their large client’s base includes some renowned figures such as Karlie Kloss, Crissy Teigen, and Leandra Medine. AYR intends to expand their business to include international shipping by 2017.




The Positive Impact of Fabletics


The brand Fabletics is becoming more and more popular. They are a line of trendy activewear geared to the everyday person. The clothes are well made and are sold at a decent price. This company has only been in business for three years but they are claiming their space in the fashion market.


While the name Fabletics continues to grow, the names Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are less known. These two men are the co-founders of Fabletics. They have been friends for years and have worked together on many business ventures in the past. Fabletics, and the parent company JustFab, is another success story they can add to their resumes.


The idea for Fabletics came from an issue in Don Ressler’s personal life. He and his wife have always been active. They were both college athletes and continued to stay active after leaving college. They spend a lot of time in athletic wear and saw that it was all looking the same. There was little variety and not all of the clothes were comfortable to wear. These clothes were not inspiring or motivational.


The Fabletics brand is different from the rest of the athletic clothing brands out there. The clothes are bright, full of color, and comfortable to wear. These are clothes that customers want to wear all day long. The clothes are created with the idea that if people are comfortable in clothes they like, they will want to wear them.


More and more people are changing their lives. They want to eat better and become more active. Fabletics provides clothing that looks good and that people enjoy wearing. When people feel good, they want to do good things. Fabletics wants to create clothing that promotes positive change.


Fabletics is a new company and they are doing great things. They are providing quality clothing that are motivating people to make positive impacts on their own lives. Fabletics is changing the world one customer at a time.  Follow along on eCommerce News, or read about Don Ressler himself at his CrunchBase profile.

Tom Ford the Director Has Made Some Tongues Wag

There’s no doubt that Tom Ford is one of the best fashion designers living today. Although he is known for single-handedly reviving the Gucci brand back in the nineties—and helping to launch the career of supermodel Gisele Bundchen—Ton Ford’s own line has also been a raging success. Perhaps this is why his latest move into directing films hasn’t been that surprising; apparently there is nothing that this talented man can’t do.


However, it also seems as though Ton Ford the director may be unaware that the movie industry tends to have a few more rules than the fashion world. Recently, he ruffled some feathers when his team sent out bottles of his fragrances to promote his new film Nocturnal Animals. With many films in hot contention for Golden Globe nominations, the voters at the Hollywood Foreign Press were undoubtedly deluged with swag.


The issue wasn’t the fact that a gift was sent; the kerfuffle was over the fact that the gifts were pricey items retailing at just under $200. There is a cap that these promotional items are not permitted to exceed—$95. In order to cut down on the cost and make things fair, voters were instructed to send one bottle back. With so many people loyal to Tom Ford’s fashion lines—and his incredibly popular fragrances—it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the recipients sent back an empty box.


Dherbs.Com Body Cleanse: Your Best Detox Product

January 8th 2017 Updates: is having a few sales for the new years. Worth checking out if you’re interested in crafting a whole new you. Check out what they’re doing here:

In the world we live in today, there are very many ways in which we consume and inhale toxins. Toxins may get into our bodies in the form of food, drinks, medication and even the air we breathe in daily. There are many diseases and conditions which affect human beings and which are caused by these toxins. One of the ways of keeping these diseases at bay is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways of doing this is by doing a body cleanse on a regular basis.


Undergoing a body cleanse is one of those things which everyone ought to do at some point in life. In fact, studies show that cleansing the body through a detox is one of the best ways of enhancing good health and boosting the immune system. The benefits of a full body cleanse are numerous. However, in order to get the most out of it, you must choose a body cleanse that actually works. Body Cleanse


The Dherbs Full Body Cleanse is a full body cleanse which can be completed in 20 days, according to Wikipedia. The cleanse is designed in a way to ensure that your entire body is cleansed after the period lapses. The company was thinking of coming up with a product which would be easy to use and which combines all the benefits that your body needs in terms of nourishment.


One other benefits of the body cleanse is that it helps the body release toxins while restoring the body’s optimum pH levels. There are also benefits in terms of clearing the digestive tract and ensuring that the colon and the small intestines are unclogged. The cleanse also helps to clear any gas In your gut. The other reason why you should undergo the cleanse is that it will leave you rejuvenated. It cleanses the circulatory system and makes sure that you do not get affected by heart conditions and related diseases.


When you think of doing a body cleanse, think of using the 20 day cleanse. The product is readily available on their official website, or you can read the full review on TrustPilot.

Equities First Points Out Changing Pattern

According to the recent survey, the global economic platform is worsening with each passing day. While the United States is nursing the effects of the 2008 harsh economic environment, the British Exit had worked to consider this purpose a matter of consideration when they exited the European Union. The atmosphere has been made worse by this exit from the European Union. For this reason, there are a few remaining investment vehicles that could save your ass during this economic environment.

For you to secure fast working capital, you must determine to use the traditional investment capabilities including bonds, stocks, and mutual fund. However, these vehicles are always remedied by the economic situation. One of the most important facts is that Equities First Company works to issue stock-based and margin loans using these vehicles as collateral to the fast working capital. For you to secure the quick working capital, you are not required to state the intended use of the loan as a way of qualification.

One of the most adaptive uses of the alternative financial solution companies is Equities First Company. For them, they work with stocks to issue the fast working capital. As a matter of fact, the company has noticed that many people and companies have decided to meet their specific needs using the stocks as collateral. The company has noted that stock-based loans have worked to the benefit of the people. During the harsh economic environment, many banks and other financial institutions have tightened their lending capabilities to reduce the influx of loan applicants as a way of minimizing the effect of this economic crisis. For Equities First, they believe that the banks have enforced these strict qualification criteria for the credit-based loans to provide a better way to make these loans better for all. As a matter of fact, the banks have also increased their interest rates to make people seek other sources of money for their working and business deals.

One of the newest ways of alternative sources of financial matters is the use of stocks as collateral. Therefore, you must have your stocks as collateral to secure fast working capital. The stock-based loans are characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets you fail to pay the loan without any dire consequences. For this reason, you are also not required to state the use of the loan to qualify. You can be eligible for these loans if you decide to use stocks as collateral.


An Epic Thor

To describe someone whose lineage descends on both sides of his family from near royalty, it might sound like the God of Thunder, however, in this case it is a different Thor being discussed, Thor Halvorssen. Born and raised a patriot of Venezuela, Thor has become very active in the political scene and is very passionate for human rights.

Thor was raised by parents who were also involved in different aspects of political activism and supportive of human rights. His mother Hilda Mendoza was involved in a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela when part of the National police opened fired on the crowd, and Hilda was shot. She survived, but this gave Thor an opportunity to write about it and have the story published.

Another part of Thor’s upbringing is from the resolve of his father Thor Sr., who was arrested in Columbia as a terrorist, even though he was only in the country to try and stop drug trafficking. Thor Sr. was tortured before his eventual release.

Thor Sr. is a descendent of the king of Norway’s consul, and his mother is descendant of the first president of Venezuela. The noble blood of Thor’s parents and ability to fight for human rights runs in his blood. Not only does Thor participate in human rights movements, but he also has to his credit the skills to produce movies as well as has been involved in published works.

Thor has been involved in writing opinion pieces for many renowned newspaper agencies and other magazines, including the story of his mother being shot. He has also produced multiple films that often emanate the human struggle.

More importantly than the published works, and filmography is his different foundations he has founded or helps run. Some of those include the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Human Rights Foundation, both of which are dedicated to human rights.


ChapStick Step Aside EOS Lip Balm Is Here.

The story is untold. What were they thinking? This company entered into a market that was already oversaturated with product. The odds were not in the favor of this new start up company EOS. After the smoke cleared, EOS stood ahead of the pack as the choice of the millennial generation when it came to lip balm. How did they do it and why did they experience such success? Well according to, that too is part of the untold story of the success of EOS. It seems that people wanted a change and that was exactly what EOS gave the industry when their rolled out their lip balm.

They success might rely on many factors. For one, the brand known as Chapstick was available in the local grocery and drug stores, not many others places carried them. The tube was round and felt like it was a product that created medicine or came from a clinic. There was nothing beautiful about this three flavored stick of wax. It was shortly after that the a company called EOS lip balm started to show up in Walmart, Walgreens and Target. Cyrus, Aguilera and even Kim Kardashian started putting it on their lips and everyone was talking about flavor. This stuff came in grapefruit, honeydew and others. It tasted great and it looked amazing too.

It seemed like everyone wanted or needed an Evolution Of Smooth, even the fashion magazines started talking about EOS. Everyone was talking about EOS except the company leaders. They just started to talk to Fast Company about how they took over the lip balm industry. To the company it was about making the product better in many ways. Everything was planned out. The container, the package, the flavors and more. You name it and they had a game plan for it. That’s how they got their product to the top of the limp balm food chain. They had one goal, to please the customer by offering a product that people could know, like and trust. The best part is, it worked and changed the lip balm industry forever. Visit to view the full EOS product gallery.

Want EOS? Get ’em here!