How Fashion and Film Blend Beyond the Red Carpet

Everyone knows how big of a role fashion plays in Hollywood, especially when stars are walking down the red carpet, but the fact of the matter is that fashion is a bigger player than some might imagine.

There are several successful fashion designers working in the movie industry to help create the look of characters in every movie. It is easy to think that fashion designers can only create a high-fashion look, but that is not the case. A fashion designer understands the psychology of a person and how it might translate into what he or she may wear.

The line between fashion and film have become even more blurred recently. In 2009, Tom Ford directed his first film called “A Single Man,” which was beloved by many critics that year. Most recently, the Mulleavy sisters just directed the “Woodshock” feature starring Kirsten Dunst. The film has a dreamy feel to it that is unmistakable and a look that tells the viewer that the film was brought to life by artists. Of course, the plot of the story is still very human as it deals with grief, drug abuse, and guilt, but it does so in a way not quite seen before.

This transition into film could have been predicted. It is not abnormal to see the face of an actor on a fashion magazine anymore. Several filmmakers have been contracted to make a short film for a designer. There is no doubt that, at least a few of these designers, were interested in storytelling enough to hire masterful storytellers like Martin Scorsese to say the least.

In the end, films are images, and designers know a thing or two about images. It is safe to say that this trend is going to continue to grow, and it is likely going to transform the way some cinematic escapades are going to look.

The Changing Perception of Beauty and Style

One thing that is a constant in this world is change. Everything is changing. However, the world of fashion is going through a large spurt of change where people are shifting their perspective as to what is beautiful. It was not that long ago that standards of beauty were extremely rigid for both men and women. For one thing, women had to be thin with a certain hair color and skin tone in order to be considered beautiful. Meanwhile, men had a lot of rigid standards all the way down to the clothes they wear. The truth is that a lot of this is changing.

Perhaps the most important type of change that is occurring is the perception of a woman’s beauty. While thin women are still considered beautiful, there is also some consideration being paid to the larger women so that they can be included. One thing that is contributing to this is the increasing size of people throughout the world. Women are now a size 16 to 18 on average. While there are smaller women, they are far from the only people that are shopping for clothes. By keeping the larger women in mind, one is actually increasing his sales so that they can profit.

People of all sizes have a desire to feel good about themselves. One of the best ways to do this is by buying and wearing clothes that are stylish and flattering. This can be very hard for people when they have to look through all of the sizes that are way too small for them. With more styles being designed with larger people in mind, more people can be a part of the movement for positive change in standards of beauty. More fashion retailers are getting on board with the movement in style and beauty.

Diversity Arriving to Fashion in a Multitude of Ways

If there is one theme that is taking over in fashion, it is diversity. There is a lot of diversity that is coming to fashion. Diversity is also being promoted. For one thing, designers are beginning to realize that there are a multitude of tastes in the fashion industry. There are also many different sizes in the fashion industry. Many designers and fashion shows are thinking about bringing forth models of different sizes. This makes it a lot more inclusive for people that are looking to upgrade their wardrobe and feel better about themselves.

One of the best things about runway shows thinking about using models of various sizes is that it is breaking open the modeling industry. For one thing, the industry has always been using extremely thin models. Often times, this brings forth unrealistic standards of beauty which can bring about discouragement in individuals. Fortunately, runway shows are going to show models that are bigger and in different physical shape. This coupled with the fact that more designers are making clothes for larger people is a hopeful sign that fashion is starting to become all inclusive for people. After all, a large chunk of people are outside of the current size limits.

To make things even better, diversity is coming in the designs to menswear. As designers experiment with items for men, they are bringing forth some interesting results. Admittedly, this change is being met with some resistance in the form of social media. However, there are people that are on board with the change. It is only a matter of time before society sees such a change in the world where people are encouraged to be who they are and express themselves with fashion in the way that they want to express themselves without worry of any backlash.

Growing Interest in Men’s Fashion Brings Forth Changes in Designs

For the longest time, menswear has been at a halt. Also, men were stereotyped as being rather indifferent to fashion. It is hard to tell which came first. However, masculinity has been fragile for a long time, and fashion was one of the biggest indicators of fragile masculinity. A man that was fashionable had some questions asked about him. However, this is slowly changing as men are gaining the courage to dress themselves up and get themselves in the best shape possible for various reasons. Men are taking interest in different fits and designs so that they can bring out their best look.

This newfound interest in menswear has inspired some designers and fashion retailers to come up with slightly alternative styles. This has resulted in the somewhat feminine styles that are found in fast fashion stores. As a matter of fact, some of these styles impress women to the point that they shop at the stores to buy them for themselves. One good thing about these changes occurring in fashion is that it allows men to experiment and look for their own style so that they can find something unique that they can be happy in.

The changes do not stop with what is available at fast fashion. There are designs that go very far into different territory. However, most of these designs go into the feminine territory. For instance, Beyonce got a piece from the Men’s collection of Palomo Spain. The items on the site seem like women’s clothing with a men’s label on it. Either way, one good thing about these new designs emerging is that it shows that designers are experimenting with menswear in order to see what they can come up with for men to enjoy. The best thing about these designs is that this could inspire men to be more artistic in the way they dress themselves.

Dressing to Protect your Privacy and Identity

The choice of clothing for many people is based on how much they want to stand out of the crowd. While celebrities and fashion models dress to be noticed, the biggest of the world’s population would like to be stealthy. Moreover, everyone would like to be at all times in control of privacy and the increasing surveillance efforts by security agencies don’t help much. The good news is that you can easily beat these efforts and stay off the radar by making the right choice of dressing.

Art Meets Technology

Technological advancements have made facial recognition and identity of unsuspecting individuals easier. Whether you are walking on the street, entering a shopping mall or even visiting an office, your face can be picked out and your identity revealed. The introduction of HyperFace textile print is thus a relief for the many people who would like to walk around without fear of cameras zooming in on them in search of their identity.

False Faces

HyperFace was designed by Hyphen-Labs and Adam Harvey, who is based in Berlin. The print provides a computer with more than 1,000 options for facial recognition thus confusing it. In an interview, Harvey said that the textile print comes up with false faces for the computer, thus compromising its ability to settle on a single true face.

The more the security world gains from technological innovations and advancements, the more the human privacy loses. However, science and technology experts have found a match in artists such as Harvey and the all-female Hyphen-Labs team. As the years go by, clothes will not only be used for the original function of protecting the body from outside elements and as a means of expression and decoration but also protecting human personality and privacy.

Stylist Zerina Akers Is The Fashion Genius Behind Beyonce’s Recent Maternity Shoot

Maternity photoshoots can be a hit or miss. Often they are beautiful snapshots that often show a mother-to-be in warm light and her hands on her growing belly. Other times maternity photoshoots can reflect a little humor like a shoot that shows a father pretending to inflate his wife’s belly with an air pump near a gas station in varying stages until her belly “pops” into a baby. Sometimes, however, they can be a little curious like a picture of expectant parents that is floating around social media that shows the father holding a baseball bat while the mother’s bare stomach is painted like a baseball. Fortunately the maternity photoshoots of singer and pop phenomenon Beyonce Knowles Carter fall on the tasteful end of the spectrum.

The star, who recently gave birth to a set of twins in the middle of June, has made the proverbial world stop twice this year with photo shoots meant to either announce her pregnancy or to celebrate the arrival of her two new children with rapper and businessman Jay Z. Given the scope and aesthetics of her maternity photoshoots you might argue that the star is revolutionizing the medium. The photo she chose to announce her pregnancy was part of a series posted to her website where she wore tasteful lingerie and posed like figures that have often been depicted in classic paintings.

In her most recent photo, which some have pointed out resembles the iconography of the Madonna with child, she leaned on a stylist named Zerina Akers to bring her concept of medieval and religious depictions of motherhood to life in a modern context. It was Zerina who selected the bright blue and lavender floral print robe designed by Spanish fashion house Paloma Spain that Beyonce wore in her portrait with twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

Men Can Find Unique Items In Fast Fashion Stores

There are a lot of differing opinions on fast fashion. However, this seems to be the only way for many men to find some unique items. Stores like H&M often carry some of the most unique items of stores in the malls that they operate in. They also have a wide variety of items that extend beyond the color and the print. While many stores that sell men’s fashion try to use silly sayings in order to pass it off as unique, H&M instead looks towards the way they cut the fabric. They make sure that they provide unique shapes in shirts for men.


Among the differences in designs that H&M offers are clothes that are far removed from the boxy styles of most men’s clothing. For instance, there are some t-shirts that are longer in the back then at the front. Also, the bottoms of some of the t-shirts are rounded out as opposed to being flat.


Most men are still a little nervous about branching out. One thing they should know is that they don’t have to go all out in what they wear. They can add a bit of uniqueness to their outfit like Justin Trudeau did with his fun socks in an other wise conventional suit and tie. It is amazing what something as small as this detail could do in order to bring forth some kind of personality. The key to fashion and clothing is for one to find items that make him feel the best.


How Fast Fashion Has Even Brought Men Towards Fashion

For the longest time, men’s fashion was the same old tired suits. However, fast fashion has brought a change to this. For one thing, when companies like H&M and Zara emerged, there has come to be some new styles being brought forth for the casual and urban crowd. These styles range from the t-shirt with a subtle twist to the more outlandish clothes for men. One thing that these stores have proven is that style and self expression is about way more than labels and crazy sayings being printed on clothes. It even goes beyond the color. With stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, there is a challenge to bring their best game.


One thing that could be said for fast fashion is that there is a lot of imagination that is brought towards the areas of fashion that are treated like an afterthought. Men’s fashion has especially seen some amazing creations. As men looked at all of the items, they have gained a lot of curiosity. One thing that they have found is that as they have bought and tried on these items, they have also gained a lot of respect from their peers.


One of the best ways to have a successful social life is to dress the part. Often times, people that are very popular are often dressed in ways that are unique. Fast fashion companies understand how helpful it is to be unique. Abercrombie is therefore looking for ways to update their selections so that they will be able to help men be more unique.


The Impact Of Fast Fashion On U.S. Retailers

One of the things that many businesses have to face is that the customer is looking for the best it can get. Therefore, if one company is not offering the best, then the customer is going to find another company that will offer what he is looking for. For the fashion industry, a lot of companies that are U.S. based have been hurting as a result of fast fashion. For one thing, fast fashion has brought forth something that has been lacking in U.S. stores. One example is that with U.S. based stores, people have to wait a few months until the trends that have been shown on the runway are interpreted. Also, not every trend is brought forth from the runway to the stores.


Fast fashion has changed the face of fashion. For one thing, stores like H&M have offered new trends almost as fast as within two weeks of them being shown on the runway. Also, they have managed to bring these trends out to people for prices they can afford. To make it even better, they really push the limits of fashion where other companies have played it safe for far too long. Stores like Abercrombie have stuck with the old formula. Fast fashion has decided to use their creativity in order to bring something new that actually challenges people.


Now, other companies like Abercrombie has decided to try to adopt some of the practices of fast fashion in order to bring out more new designs to customers. One thing about fast fashion is that it is very popular among people. A lot of people are dressed in impressive ways from stores like Urban Outfitters, Zara, and H&M. Abercrombie is hoping to become one of the companies that are filled with elegant clothes.


The Trend of Feminism in Fashion

People look at fashion as many different things. Among the things they see with fashion is self expression. In this case, it is no wonder that there are going to be some clothes with fashion statements. Among the types of fashion statements that are being made is feminism. Given that feminism is a big thing these days, it is no surprise that there is going to be a feminism theme in fashion. However, the designs in feminism seem to consist of a t-shirt and different forms of skirts. The only thing different about these shirts seem to be the statements that are printed on them.


These outfits have statements such as “We should all be feminists” among others. Here the whole point is that the focus should be more on the message and the agenda as opposed to the designs. However, the only thing new about this is that they have become a trend on the runway. Feminists shirts have always been sold at retailers. While there may not be anything new design wise on the runway, they are bold in proclaiming their purpose on the runway. This is one of the reasons that the runway has gotten a little bit of attention this year.


However, men seem to be getting some of the more interesting pieces like the rompers that have been making the news lately. It is as if what is happening is like a reverse Victorian era where men are allowed all of the fun fashions. However, women still have a ton of variety when it comes to the available fashions in the industry. This is only one section of the industry that women can focus on. In the end, fashion is supposed to be about self expression. People should be allowed to be as bold as they choose to be so that they can feel actualized.