Find A Product Your Looking For With Image Recognition Technology

Sometimes you may be walking down the street, and maybe you spot a very hip girl with an extremely nice pair of boots. Maybe she even has a purse that has caught your eye. In certain cases, a person may ask the lady where she got the items that she has, but not everyone is bold enough to do this. Some people may take offense to being asked questions about the products that they are carrying, so it may not be the best idea to ask where they got their items from.

Someone who is slick, they can quickly snap a photo of the purse or the boots that the lady has with her, and run the pictures through a product recognition software. The software will be able to identify the exact product, and it’s even possible to find the price, and the place the products are being sold. Technology has come a long way, and product recognition software, it is a great tool to help those who love to shop. Maybe a person is not able to recognize a specific product without more information.

Image recognition software is also great for companies who sell retail items, especially if they have an application available to their customers. Stores that sell retail items, such as clothing, purses, shoes and more, they should consider having image recognition software implemented into their current application. If there is a shopping application that the store has, and the application is available to the general public, then product recognition is an excellent idea. Slyce is the leading innovator when it comes to image recognition software, and it’s possible to implement their software within a current application.

Slyce’s software has been able to help companies bring in additional money because the product recognition software helps customers to find products easier. If a customer takes a picture of a product that they see, they can run it through the software, and it can bring back an exact match. Even if the picture isn’t clear enough, it’s still possible to bring back a close enough match to where the customer may be able to know exactly where to buy the product. Slyce’s technology is extremely powerful, and many companies have chosen to implement the software into their application. If Slyce’s software makes it easier for customers to find products they are looking for, then why not choose to use Slyce technology, especially if it can help to boost your sales?

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  1. This is 2017 and I think image recognition could have even gone to a greater level than it has today but yet to see. See for reviews and technical papers to be done for you if you like. There are options to make these ideas work but they would need new infrastructure and big money too.

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