Finding the Perfect Clothes as an Apple Shape

If you have an apple shaped body, you probably like to dress slightly differently than other people with differently shaped bodies. Apple shaped bodies tend to have their weight in the middle just like the shape of an apple. If you have an apple shaped body, you might also notice that you have small legs and even a small behind. Small or large shoulders can come with an apple shaped body, but many people with this body shape have large chests.


Knowing how to dress with an apple shaped body can be tough, but there are a few easy guidelines that you can follow for starters. First, make sure that you aren’t accentuating your waist. You’ll want to put the focus on other parts of your body, like your chest or your legs. This can be easy to do with shorter skirts or dresses. You’ll want to show off those legs, so don’t hide them with long, baggy pants or long dresses. Similarly, you should wear high heels whenever you can. High heels help the legs of a person with an apple shaped body to look longer and more toned. This is a great trick that not many women know about.


In a similar vein, you should look for clothing that is looser. Don’t wear anything that is too tight against your body as this will actually make you look bigger than you really are. You might also consider trying to find fabrics that are thicker instead of sheer and thin. This can help you look more structured.


Finally, if you want to look extra stunning in a dress or outfit, try body shapers. There are a number of shapers out there that are comfortable and affordable, and they make your body shape look stellar in any kind of outfit.


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