Kenneth Griffin: A Businessman To Be Remembered For Ages

Ken Griffin was born and raised in Daytona Beach in Florida. He began investing while he was in his very first year at Harvard University when he read an article in the Forbes journal. In the middle of his second year, he started another hedge fund based on changeable bond arbitrage. He finally graduated from Harvard in 1989 with a Degree in Economics.

The fund got capital from money borrowed from family and friends with some amount coming from his grandmother and ultimately totaled to a sum of $265,000. He afterward mounted a satellite link on top of his university dormitory so that he could get real data easily.

Set with a fax machine, telephone, and personal computer, Kenneth Griffin started trading while still in university in his dormitory room in 1987. From this lowly but determined starting, he drew the attention of Frank Meyer, a hedge fund pioneer and co-founder of Glenwood partners, a company based in Chicago. The performance by Griffin made him have the opportunity of establishing a company that would blossom into a corporation named Citadel.

Kenneth came up with Citadel in 1990 and is presently the organization’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). This entity is a large financial institution comprising of the Citadel Group that is also narrowed down into citadel technology, Citadel, and Citadel securities. Citadel Technology offers solutions on investment to administration technology; Citadel is a substitute industry manager of top assets; Citadel Securities deals with being among the leading liquidity providers in the capital markets of America. There are around 1,250 workers at Citadel all over the globe.

Griffin has enough times made his stand on the matters concerning structures of markets and regulations pertaining to the financial sector throughout his years serving as the business manager that has led to him testifying in several government hearings. One such scenario is when he testified in front of a US Senate committee case on the function of regulations in sharing equity market structures as well as electronic trading. His speech was mainly focused on the crucial need of having industrial protocols put in place to aid in catching up with market structural changes to be able to enhance fairness and resilience in all the American equity marketplaces.

Kenneth is an enthusiastic sponsor of education causes that could help in the improvement of the society. That is why he is a board of directors’ member of the Chicago Public Education Fund. He also supports Harvard University where he obtained his degree from. His donations towards improving the lives of people in the society have totaled to an amount close to $250 million – through cash gotten from Citadel and some from his personal savings. Most amazingly, he has made donations to University of Chicago, Art Institute, and Lurie’s Children Hospital. He made a donation of $150mm to Harvard, the biggest award received by the campus during that time.

Kenneth is an associate of several business institutions like the Commercial Club of Chicago, an economic club of Chicago and G100.

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