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Virus Expert Just Issued This New COVID Warning

"The virus still is going for you. And so again, the best thing you can do is be fully vaccinated," Doctor Michael Osterholm said.

These Dietitian-Approved High-Fiber Snacks Will Keep Your Stomach from Rumbling

Got a hankering for a crunchy munchie or something creamy and smooth? These high-fiber snacks are sure to satisfy any craving.

Rebel Wilson Says Her Team Wanted Her to Stay the 'Funny Fat Girl' & Not Lose Weight

Rebel Wilson has been on a transformative journey for more than a year now, chronicling her healthy weight loss and fertility struggles in her Year of Health, which began in 2020. Now, nearly two years after the Pitch Perfect alum began this major lifestyle change and exploration, she’s opening up a bit more about the

6 best immune-boosting foods for cold and flu season

What to eat — and what to avoid — to help boost your immunity this winter.

This simple at-home test may help detect subtle signs of dementia

A new study suggests that a simple test that anyone can take on their own may be able to detect subtle signs of dementia.

Surprise: Red Bell Peppers Have More Vitamin C Than an Orange

We're adding those (and 30 of our R.D.'s other favorite superfoods) to our diets ASAP.

Lowest-Calorie Options on the McDonald's Breakfast Menu

Are you a fan of McDonald's all-day breakfast?

Tracee Ellis Ross Flashes Her Sculpted Muscles And Flawless Skin In A New Poolside IG Photo Dump

“I’d like all that smoke for $500 Alex.”

30 Foods You Didn't Know Could Kill You


These Are the Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat As Fast As Possible

These moves will ignite EVERY inch of your core. 🔥

The Best and Worst Greek Yogurts in 2021—Ranked!

We have ranked most of the top brands of Greek yogurt based on the calories, fats, sugars, and sodium you'll find in a serving.

Derek Jeter, Morgan Miller, & More Celebrities Who Welcomed Babies in 2021

We started to notice a curious trend as COVID-19 swept the globe and lockdowns followed: more and more celebrity pregnancies popping up to celebrate. Maybe it’s just that pandemic-induced boredom made us more tuned in to these announcements, but we could swear there was something in the air last year that made our favorite stars

Here’s How The Noom Diet Stacks Up Against Weight Watchers

Nutritionists break down how to choose the right one for your lifestyle.

These States Could Be at High Risk of an Omicron Surge, Virus Expert Warns

Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb has expressed concern that states in the South could be at high risk of an Omicron surge.

Everyday Habits That Age Your Body Faster, Says Science

These things can make you look and feel older faster: slumping, sitting, eating sugar, shorting yourself on sleep and getting too much sun.

I Totally Forgot Heather Locklear Was A Fitness Icon Back In The Day

Ohhhh, this takes me back.

Set Intentions For a Positive Day With One (or All) of These 32 Morning Affirmations

It's easy to slide down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts when you first wake up in the morning (especially if you're not a morning person).

The #1 Best Way to Reduce Inflammation, Say Experts

Just one 20-minute session of moderate exercise causes the body to produce an anti-inflammatory cellular response.

40 Symptoms That *Always* Warrant a Call to Your Doctor Right Away

Don’t take these warning signs lightly.

COVID-19 Variant Anxiety Is Real—But Experts Want You To Manage It, Not Eradicate It

Human beings really don’t like uncertainty.

Here's What to Expect After Your COVID-19 Booster

Experts suggest the COVID-19 booster shouldn't be any worse than your original shots.

The Noom Diet, Explained

The app-based platform is a fitness and weight loss program that promises to help people

Drinking Habits to Avoid If You’re Pre-Diabetic

Prevent diabetes and manage your blood sugar with these simple strategies.

20 Chefs Reveal The Food Items They Always Have in the Freezer

Move over, ice cream! These options deserve a spot in your freezer.

30 Things American Parents Do That Would Shock the Rest of the World

Who knew diapers could be so controversial?

Why a Gratitude Journal Can Help With Anxiety, Sleep, and More—And the Best Ones

Putting your gratitude into words on paper has proven cognitive upsides.

Warning Signs You Have Dementia, According to the CDC

People over 65 are generally affected by dementia and there are several signs according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Best and Worst New Sodas of 2021—Ranked!

Beverage companies released a bunch of new sodas this year. Here are the best and worst new sodas of 2021.

234,000 Pounds of Ham and Pepperoni Are Being Recalled Due to Listeria Concerns

Alexander & Hornung is recalling over 234,000 pounds of ham and pepperoni products.

These Vintage Photos of People Working Out Are Fascinating

Women exercised in dresses for a looong time.

40 'Healthy' Foods That Nutritionists Never Eat

I see you, veggie chips.

28 Foods the World's Healthiest People Eat Every Day

Defy your age by filling up on these longevity-boosting foods.

20 Healthy Snacking Swaps to Make Next Time You're Hungry

Avoid the mid-afternoon slump with these nutritious swaps.

These Fit Celebrities Over 40 Will Inspire You to Hit the Gym

How is Gabrielle Union 46 years old?!

28 Secrets Starbucks Employees Don't Want You to Know

From the truth about the supposed "secret menu" to the drinks they absolutely hate making, Starbucks employees shared all their secrets on Reddit.

What Happens To Your Teeth If You Skip Your Yearly Dental Check Up

It's not looking good, folks.

Vaginal Odor: What’s Normal and What’s Not

Despite countless products marketed to mask it, vaginal odor is rarely cause for concern. Here, experts explain which aromas are normal—and which might warrant a quick call to your OB/GYN. The post Vaginal Odor: What’s Normal and What’s Not appeared first on The Healthy.

How to build strength and muscle from squats — no weights required

Squats are a key lower body exercise, which can be made more challenging without weights by trying variations, tempos or supersets, experts say.

29 Great Gifts for to Get the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Give the gift of a better cup.

38 Easy Last-Minute Appetizers

Procrastination happens to the best of us — but these easy apps got your back.

When will kids under 5 be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

The latest data on Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine trials for young kids.

These are the Foods Diabetics Should Always Have in Their Kitchen

Stocking up on these can help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Serena Williams, 40, Shows Off Her Totally Toned Abs At Art Basel Miami

“Shutting down the internet 🔥”

29 Weird Phobias That Really Do Exist

Turns out practically anything can be terrifying to someone.

45 entertaining gifts your 3-year-old won’t want to put down

Know a 3-year-old who has some ideas of their own? These are the presents that'll help their imagination grow.

These Seemingly Innocent Symptoms Could Signal a Serious Health Problem

Skin rash? Dry mouth? They might be a bigger deal than you think.

Why Can't You Lose Your Visceral Fat? A Specialist Weighs In

"Belly fat is hard to lose because of its insulin receptors. This is also why diabetics have a harder time losing it," Dr. Simpson says.

The Best Kitchen Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

These gadgets will make fueling miles that much easier (and more enjoyable).

These 8 States Are Seeing the Worst COVID Surges Right Now

While all 50 states reported an increase in their daily case averages over last week, some are seeing even worse COVID surges than others.

16 "Unhealthy" Foods That Aren’t That Bad For You, According To Nutritionists

Pizza is definitely a go.