Michelle Obama in Final Vogue Cover

Michelle Obama will be our first lady for only three more months. But until we say our farewell, there’s still a lot to compliment her on, and as always, her iconic, sleek style and bare arms are favorites in the fashion world.


Obama will feature on the cover of Vogue in a white dress with those bare arms soon. The gown is by Caroline Herrera, and the first lady was shot by none other than Annie Leibovitz for Vogue.


A newcomer will be entering the White House as first lady in January. As the foreign wife of President-Elect Donald Trump, Melania Trump is also extremely beautiful. But even though she’s a knockout too, fans of Michelle will be sorry to see the switch.


Throughout her tenure as first lady, Obama has campaigned tirelessly for the health of children and all of the citizens of the United States. She has grown a beautiful garden on the lawn of the White House and promoted physical fitness and eating right more than any other first lady.


In this issue of Vogue, we see Michelle Obama at her most beautiful. Annie Leibovitz has done a stunning job making her look as fantastic as she really is. You’ll see Obama at the White House in several different couture outfits and dresses.


People who have met and spoke with Michelle have called her as kind, intelligent and likable in real life as she looks through the media to the citizens of the United States.


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