Excessive heat found to exacerbate stress, mental health conditions as heatwaves become more common

Scientists say heatwaves are becoming more common, and people are being warned that excessively hot conditions are found to exacerbate stress and mental health problems. (Scripps News)

Risk of Parkinson’s Has a ‘Strong Association’ With Where You Live

Researchers identified several hotspots for the disease in the US

4 Wellness Tips for a Stressful Lifestyle

Running a business can be stressful but it doesn't have to be detrimental.

Scientists say they’ve found root cause of lupus, possible cure

Scientists think they've finally figured out what causes lupus and might even be able to come up with a way to reverse the disease.

An unequal toll of financial stress: Poll of older adults shows different impacts related to health and age

Inflation rates may have cooled off recently, but a new poll shows many older adults are experiencing financial stress—especially those who say they're in fair or poor physical health or mental health.

I Gave Birth—I Found Out About the Mother Wound Later

My hopelessness prevented me from getting out of bed for hours.

Trans People on Hormone Therapy Don't Mind Potential Cardiovascular Side Effects

Many have already weighed the risks against their improved well-being

Greenland sharks can live for over 250 years, and scientists think their anti-aging secrets may help humans live longer

Greenland sharks can live up to 400 years old, making them the longest-living fish. Scientists are studying their longevity to improve human health.

These are the mistakes you’re making when caring for curly and coily hair

If your hair products aren't working, this might be why.

How to get rid of eye bags, according to dermatologists

Wake up with puffy eye bags? Here's what may be causing them, and how experts suggest you go about fixing them.

Woman 'Suffocating' in Chest Spends Year Finding Out Why She Can't Breathe

Kennedy Van Komen, a student who danced and worked out, found herself unable to walk across a room without losing her breath.

I've Tried Hundreds of Volume-Boosting Shampoos and Conditioners—These Are, Hands Down, the Best

From Oribe to Living Proof.

20 Common Hair Myths That Are Ruining Your Hair

Just because you've heard it a million times doesn't mean it's true! Separate fact from fiction to get the luxurious locks you’ve always dreamed about.

Zubsolv vs. Suboxone for Opioid Use Disorder: Similarities and Differences

Zubsolv and Suboxone are medications containing the same active ingredients–buprenorphine (a partial opioid agonist) and naloxone (an opioid antagonist)–to treat opioid use disorder. Opioid use disorder is characterized as having a problematic pattern of opioid use, leading to problems or distress. Opioid drugs can include heroin, as well as prescr...

4 Sleep Tips That Actually Work for Bipolar Symptom Management

Sleep disturbances are among the most common triggers for mood episodes. To better manage bipolar symptoms, consider addressing the quality of your sleep. Sleep disturbance is widely recognized as one of the hallmarks of mood disorders, including bipolar disorder. According to Jamie Lilie, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist board-certified in sleep disorders medicine, “There is... The post 4 Sleep Tips That Actually Work for Bipolar Symptom...

Fed up with paying up for home insurance? What about self-insuring?

To answer this question, think worst case.

'I'll work for as long as I can': This 101-year-old Ohio woman still cuts up fabric at a local craft store even though she doesn't need the money. Here’s why she may be onto something

Should we all be doing the 9-to-5 to 95?

The Stages of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Medically reviewed by Deeptej Singh, MD Medically reviewed by Deeptej Singh, MD Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic (long-term) inflammatory skin condition that causes painful lesions on the skin that touches other skin. These lesions can look like small, inflamed lumps, pus-filled abscesses, pus-filled tunnels, or sinus tracts that cause pe...

So That’s Why Your Skin Gets Crepey As You Get Older

Dermatologists reveal what contributes to the condition, how to prevent it and whether any over-the-counter products actually work to eliminate crepey skin. View Entire Post ›

New study reveals immune protein's critical role in neuronal function and aging

A study conducted at the lab of Beth Stevens, Ph.D., at Boston Children's Hospital, has revealed that an immune protein impacts neuronal protein synthesis in the aging brain. Previous work from the Stevens lab had uncovered that immune cells in the central nervous system, microglia, help prune synapses in the developing brain by tagging synapses with the immune protein C1q.

Everything You Should Know About Mānuka Honey and How to Choose the Best One

What's the buzz about Mānuka honey?

Calls for fluoride in water to combat child tooth decay

Figures show almost a third of five-year-olds in Blackpool suffer from tooth decay.

So THAT'S Why Drinking Alcohol Makes You Feel Worse As You Get Older

Even just one or two drinks can have a big impact starting at a certain age.

Everything You Need To Know about Sodium

Medically reviewed by Simone Harounian, MS Medically reviewed by Simone Harounian, MS Sodium is a mineral naturally found in many foods, such as meat, fish, and vegetables. It's also found in table salt, which is made of 40% sodium and 60% another mineral called chloride. Sodium is essential to health and is necessary for blood pressure regulation,...

How Much Alcohol Can You Drink a Week and Still Be Healthy?

Scientists are homing in on how much—or how little—you can consume without raising your risk for health problems.

Yoga Benefits And The Effects For Health And Well-Being

Benefits of yoga...

Biden tests positive for COVID, mpox is mutating and 988 crisis lifeline turns 2: What to know about this week's health stories

Hey, Yahoo readers. Rebecca here — filling in for Kaitlin and sharing the latest and greatest in health and wellness news. Here’s what our team worked on this week: Amelia Edelman digs into some of the reasons why extreme heat can affect our moods. Korin Miller shows us how to sleep better by squeezing in some quick exercise during the pre-bedtime ...

New study finds cardiovascular outcomes better for patients on home hemodialysis

Dialysis patients using a more traditional home hemodialysis procedure have lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than patients using a less invasive peritoneal catheter for dialysis at home, according to a study led by a University of Cincinnati College of Medicine researcher.

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

Medically reviewed by Lindsey DeSoto, RD Medically reviewed by Lindsey DeSoto, RD Bitter melon (Momordica charantia), also known as bitter gourd, comes from a vine native to India and other Asian countries. It's a member of the squash family and produces an oblong, green fruit that looks similar to a cucumber with a bumpy exterior. Bitter melon can...

Here's What You Need to Know About Medicare If You're Saving In an HSA for Retirement

It's important to understand how health savings accounts and Medicare work together.

Ready for vacation? Eat well and enjoy your travels with these healthy tips

You've got your swimsuit, sunglasses and a beach- or hammock-worthy novel ready to go. But does your vacation checklist also have a plan for healthy eating? Sure, escaping your routine might be the whole point of hitting the road. But eating well not only boosts your health, it also can energize your adventures as well, nutritionists say. Here are some of their ideas. Plan those snacks For ...

Treating Hernia Types and Managing Pain

Medically reviewed by Michael Menna, DOMedically reviewed by Michael Menna, DO A hernia is a bulging internal sac that pushes through a weakened area of muscle, such as a hole in the abdominal walls. Most hernias develop in the stomach or groin area. Once you develop a hernia, it can only be repaired through surgery. This article covers everything ...

Software developers want AI to give medical advice. But how accurate is it?

AI bots like Google AI have given incorrect information, with the results ranging from humorous to potentially dangerous.

The 5 biggest weight loss myths that ‘need to die,’ according to an obesity doctor

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you may have experienced one of these popular pitfalls.

13 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Cherries

Cherries are more than a good drink garnish.

7 Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks

These more natural options will help you feel more balanced.

What's the Risk of Getting Long COVID in 2024?

Two new studies have promising findings.

Innovations in animal healthcare benefit humans

Animals play a life-changing and life-sustaining role in our society. Ester Banque is EVP and president of U.S. Operations for Zoetis.

This Arizona Town Is One of the Best Places to Retire in the U.S. — With Affordable Homes, Excellent Weather, and Tons of Outdoor Recreation recently released its annual ranking of the top retirement communities in America.

Retro Fitness Founder Eric Casaburi: Investing in longevity 'isn't easy but rewards are incredible'

Hosted by Brian Sullivan, “Last Call” is a fast-paced, entertaining business show that explores the intersection of money, culture and policy. Tune in Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET on CNBC.

How to fall asleep in five minutes

Benjamin Franklin once said “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, and wise.” Or to put it another way: “Sleep is the single most powerful performance enhancer and health giver there is,” says Dr Guy Meadows, a clinical director and the co-founder of Sleep School. Too bad we’re not getting enough of it. A recent YouGov poll found th...

Rejuvenating Summer Wellness Retreats and Spas at Incredible Hotels Around The Globe

When it comes to vacation planning – I generally enjoy a mix of energized excursions juxtaposed by immersing myself in a serene refuge – which often means a luxury hotel and spa. I find that the mixture of being + doing always hits the spot, especially after a busy work period. The combination of invigorating […]

Pools can make you sick. Here's why — and how to stay safe.

Swimming in a pool is a great way to get a low-impact workout, stay cool during heat waves and generally boost your mood. But it’s not all floaty fun — pools come with a few risks too. Aside from drowning or choking, a number of infectious diseases can lurk in and around even the most pristine-looking pools. After a full day of splashing around, yo...

How 3D Printing Could Revolutionize The Way You Get Your Medication

3D printing has made an impact in a number of industries and medicine seems to be the next frontier.

10 Iron-Rich Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

Chocolate included!

I walked off five stone and beat my sugar cravings

It’s the story of so many midlife men. The weight had crept on slowly. I hardly ever weighed myself and when I looked in the mirror I’d pull in my stomach and thought I still looked great. My wife Kim had been buying bigger clothes for me and I didn’t pay much attention to my size. In reality, my belly was enormous; I could barely stand up straight...

Want a Healthier Gut? 12 Probiotic Foods to Add to Your Diet

Adding these probiotic foods can help you on the journey to a healthier gut.

Lack of Affordability Tops Older Americans' List of Healthcare Worries

A third of people 65 or older reported difficulty paying for healthcare expenses

The Surprising Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, with its warm and inviting aroma, has long been considered a delightful addition to our culinary creations.

​Why some people still have long Covid – and others never did at all

Four years on from when the pandemic began, vast numbers of people remain desperately unwell, some two, three or even four years after first contracting the virus. “The planet has acquired a huge new medical specialty of chronically unwell people,” says Danny Altmann, an immunology professor from Imperial College London. “Estimates range from betwe...