Real Results: Comedian Sheryl Underwood Shares Her Journey

Sheryl Underwood thanks the staff at the Steve Harvey Talk Radio show for introducing her to The first part of the conversation is hilarious as Ms. Underwood misuses (or mispronounces) “Dherbs.” She later explains how she has been doing with her diet. She seems pretty pleased with her results. She glories in the splendor of having lost five pounds since being introduced to the plan. Through the laughter, it is evident she is somewhat serious about her weight loss program. The group is cracking up as Ms. Underwood continues to pronounce “Dherbs in her own little cute and silly way. She shares how she is on a strict diet and following the regimen which her trainer has set up for her.

Ms. Underwood had some upcoming engagements coming up and wanted to look good for them. She has gained a confidence that makes her smile due to the benefits she has found at, as many others have as well. Recent pictures show how her skin is so radiant and it glows. She had a problem with her weight in the past but now she is on the right track. She’s losing weight and feeling good about herself.


To get an understanding of the benefits Ms. Underwood is receiving from her new diet and workout regimen, you should visit There you can learn about the benefits of detoxification. Learn why it is important to have a clean colon. Did you know that having

a clean colon will relieve you of most of your excessive fat cells? Not to mention you could enjoy a more refined skin complexion. The health benefits of detoxification also include having a better state of mind. You can experience more energy to exercise and improve your overall physical health.

Ms. Underwood has proven it is worth your well-being to detox.

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