The Midas Legacy’s Health Expert Mark Edwards Reveals the Cure to Rejuvenate the Body

Mark Edwards, author of The Midas Legacy’s Nature Cures Column provides expertise about health, treatment, nutrition, exercise, and natural medicine. In his December 2016 article post, he shares with Midas members one easy technique to improve health by thorough research. If you’re losing sleep and experiencing anxiety, depression, anguish, and/or fatigue, the cure is sleep. He said research gave him understanding that it’s the only natural treatment to restore the body to its normal health. It’s the best possible health solution compared to over-the-counter medicines and pharmacy prescription drugs with a list of serious side effects.

According to Edwards, when you sleep all the cells inside are replace with new cells to rejuvenate vital organs. His advice to others is try it for seven days and observe the results each day to prove his point. He believes eight hours of sleep night or day helps to prevent and cure depression, fatigue, anxiety, and other related illnesses. Mark explains that while you are sleeping the new cells creation helps to burn fat, stay alert, and build muscles. Avoid the trap of becoming addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and receiving side effects for a quick fix of sleeping.

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