The Real Difference Between Men’s Clothing and Women’s Clothing

There is a huge difference between men’s fashion and women’s fashion. While women have items like dresses, skirts, crop tops and many different styles of clothing, men are left with pants, shorts, t-shirts, and business suits. In many cases, there is only five different styles of t-shirts at the most. However, certain clothing stores have more styles of clothing for men so that the more adventurous individual can explore their tastes. However, most of the variety goes to women. However, there seems to be a trade off when it comes to what is being offered to women. The trade off comes in the form of function.

While women do have many of the different exciting styles that come with women’s fashion, one thing that they will notice is that they are fragile and lacking when it comes to the ability to carry items. One major issue with women’s clothing is the lack of actual pockets. One woman has taken to social media with a plea to bring pockets to women’s clothing. One thing that she has pointed out is that clothing for her 3 year old daughter does not have pockets. Her daughter was very disappointed because of the lack of pockets.

This shows an issue with the mindset of society towards fashion and in general. People seem to treat beauty and function as mutually exclusive. Perhaps this is what caused men’s fashion to become boring. In history, men’s fashion has always been every bit as exciting as women’s fashion. Fortunately, women are starting to gain more when it comes to usefulness while men are getting some elegant styles added to their collection. However, there is a long way to go when it comes to fashion. Fortunately, there are steps being made in the right direction when it comes to fashion.

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