US Money Reserve Honors the Queen

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the II was coroneted on 2nd 1953 June. The event was broadcasted to an audience of over three hundred million people around the world. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

As an honor to this year 65th anniversary of the coronation, the US Money Reserve will launch a low mintage three coins in partnership with Perth Mint from Australia. The coin will include a 2oz and 1/4oz gold proof coins and 1oz silver proof coin. The coins are issued as legal tenders under the Australian Currency Act of 1965 and are 99.99% pure gold and silver.

Partnership with Pert Mint

The US Money Reserve was designated as the exclusive distributor of the coins in the US. In a recent interview, the CEO of Perth Mint, Richard Hayes, expressed his optimism with the partnership. Follow U.S. Money Reserve on Twitter

He indicated that the partnership is worth the endeavour since the US Money Reserve is always committed to excellence. In the past, US Money Reserve has paid tribute to the monarch on several occasions through the selling of coins.

For instance, 2oz coins were sold during the Queen’s 90th birthday and the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s wedding. The US Money Reserve is also the sole distributor of the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Coin.

Past association with the monarch

The coronation coins will be used to display the St Edward’s Crown and a stylized shield. The crown and the shield are significant symbols of the British Monarchy. The coins will contain floral images of the Australian emblem, official flowers of Australian states. Follow US Money Reserve on Facebook

The design will include an inscription of the Queen’s name, the anniversary dates and a letter ‘P’ that denotes Perth Mint. It is important to note that the individual coins are accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity since they are certified with the highest grades available.

Highlights of the coronation

There are only two hundred and three complete sets of coins that will be available in the US. They are highly collectable and have a one-year-only design. Additionally, the coins are legal tenders and are extracted from pure gold and silver.

Additionally, they are individually certified by an Australian Act and are labelled with the first strike from PCGS. World’s history proponents and precious metal owners will be delighted with the latest coins from US Money Reserve.

About the US Money Reserve

The US Reserve is the biggest distributor of government issued coins in the country. Its main aim is to provide clients with an exceptional service and the best coins in the market.

Since inception, clients have always placed their trust in the organization especially those dealing with precious metals.

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