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Whole body deodorant vs. regular deodorant: What’s the difference?

Dermatologists and NBC Select editors share their favorite whole body deodorants for full body odor control. Browse the best deodorants from Lume, Duradry, Dove and more.

Economists warn of side effects of raising the retirement age

Leaving paid work opens the door to potentially the best stage of life, and a new study published in The Economic Journal confirms the health and well-being benefits that can stem from retirement via an individual's increased "locus of control," a psychological trait capturing the personal sense of control or power over life outcomes.

Study sheds light on why some people do not get Covid-19

Study sheds light on why some people do not get Covid-19 - The findings may pave the way for treatments and vaccines not just for Covid, but other diseases too

I’m nearing 65 and am better than ever at my job. With more boomers opting not to retire, I’m not alone

Older Americans will account for 57% of the country’s labor-force growth in the coming decade.

A church where wellness meets spirituality

NEW YORK (RNS) — With today’s emptier church pews and fuller yoga studios, churches like The Well are attempting to bridge the two worlds for spiritual fulfillment.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Cherries—and the Best Ones to Eat

Stock up on these fruits this summer.

New report sheds light on health emergency as disease sweeps through India — here's what you need to know

"Mosquitoes don't just thrive in hot and humid weather — they're finding ways to spread their misery around the world." New report sheds light on health emergency as disease sweeps through India — here's what you need to know first appeared on The Cool Down.

22-Year-Old Without Arms Uses Her Feet to Navigate College

Emily Rowley, 22, graduated from Southern New Hampshire University and she did it all online. Without arms, Rowley used her feet to help with the assignments on the computer as well as the talk-to-text feature. Rowley was born with bilateral phocomelia and she says doctors didn’t believe she would live long. Two decades and a psychology degree later, Rowley is glad to prove them wrong.

Hurdler Aries Merritt feeling 'very healthy' 9 years removed from kidney transplant, becomes coach

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Some reach out to him as Aries Merritt, the 110-meter hurdles world-record holder. Top hurdlers seek his input all the time. Others reach out to him as Aries Merritt, the kidney transplant recipient. They ask about his journey in 2015, when days after winning a bronze medal at the Beijing world championships he flew home to receive a kidney from his sister. These days, helping anyone clear hurdles on the track or in life are...

Chocolate Recall Update as FDA Sets Risk Level

Nine products have been withdrawn due to potential salmonella contamination.

What Happens If You Eat Eggs Every Day? Nutritionists Share the Benefits

Whether you scramble them up with some bacon and toast, hard boil and chop 'em up for a salad or enjoy one fried on top of a burger, eggs are a kitchen staple. Of course, they're a great source of protein (one of the cheapest on the market, too!), but what happens if you eat […]

Everything that happens to your body if you’re always waking up at 6am

What is preventative chemotherapy? Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment explained

What is preventative chemotherapy? Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment explained - The princess said she was undergoing ‘preventative chemotherapy’ after revealing she had been diagnosed with cancer

Mental health improves with 20 seconds of daily affirmations, study finds: ‘Self-care strategy’

Daily affirmations have been linked to improved mental health, according to a study from the University of California Berkeley. The researchers and a psychologist discussed the benefits.

10 Iron-Rich Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

Chocolate included!

‘Reversing’ Alzheimer’s: Here are exercises to make the brain more resilient

In her new book “Reversing Alzheimer's: The New Tool Kit to Improve Cognition and Protect Brain Health," Dr. Heather Sandison offers exercise tips to alleviate Alzheimer's symptoms.

Common over-the-counter medicine linked to increased dementia risk

Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Adults

Medically reviewed by Aleesha Grier, PsyD Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), often known simply as autism, is a developmental disability that affects social skills as well as both verbal and nonverbal communication. Typically, the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder appear before the age of three. Infants and young children are often screened for aut...

Should You Take Your Bird Feeder Down During Avian Influenza This Summer?

The avian influenza (H5N1) emerged in the early 2020s and has spread through bird and poultry populations worldwide. But should you take down your bird feeder?

Tardigrades Could Extend the Shelf-Life of Humanity, Study Suggests

Nature's ultimate survivor could unlock a sort-of biological time travel.

Steep physical decline with age is not inevitable – here’s how strength training can change the trajectory

Raise your hand if you regularly find yourself walking up a flight of stairs. What about carrying heavy bags of groceries? How about picking up your child or grandchild? Most of us would raise our hands to doing at least one of those weekly, or even daily. As people age, it can become more and more difficult to perform some physical tasks, even those that are normal activities of daily living. However, prioritizing physical fitness and health as...

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health - Sometimes you can also feel isolated when you’re around people.

How Losing Just 10 Pounds of Weight Can Improve Your Health

Even if your goal weight is still in the distance, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the smaller weight loss milestones along the way.

Poll: More Americans say climate change affects their mental health

As summers get hotter and hurricane seasons less predictable, more Americans now say that climate change affects their mental health, a new poll finds.

Can I collect my dead spouse’s Social Security and my own at the same time? Here are 5 secrets of ‘survivors benefits’ you need to know

Double dipping on benefits?

These are the best health and fitness products of 2024

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or simply aiming to move more throughout your day, having the right equipment can help you reach your goals. Finding gear you love to use can keep you motivated and healthy while you put in the work. We’ve tested countless health and fitness products here at Reviewed, from fitness trackers to treadmills to yo...

U.S. Surgeon General Calls for Warning Label for Social Media

Richard Quest discusses the surgeon general’s warning with Dr. Daniel Bober.

Over-the-counter supplement found to improve walking for peripheral artery disease patients

The over-the-counter supplement nicotinamide riboside, a form of vitamin B3, increased the walking endurance of patients with peripheral artery disease, a chronic leg condition for which there are few effective treatments.

Health alarm raised as heat wave escalates

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 19 - The health ministry has put Perugia on red alert on Thursday due to high temperatures, with the heat wave that has hit Italy set to escalate, and seven other cities will join it on Friday - Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Rome, Ancona, Campobasso, Palermo and Perugia. When an area is put on red alert, it means the heat is so intense that it poses a risk to healthy, active people and not just vulnerable groups such as the...

Nate Robinson talks about life-threatening kidney disease: "I want to stay alive for the next 40 years"

Nate came out publicly in 2022 that he has serious kidney disease and is in desperate need of a donor.

I quit sugar for 6 months and this is what it did to my face and body

Cutting out sugar from her diet for six months wasn't easy, but for one writer, it was definitely worth it.

At 58, Elizabeth Hurley Shares Her ‘Simple’ Habits for Looking and Feeling Her Best

No “weird green juices” here.

Eat Your Water With These 6 Hydrating Foods

You can hydrate with more than just water.

12 Best Tinted Moisturizers With SPF, Tested By Dermatologists And Editors

A tried-and-tested list from editors and derms themselves.

Experts sound alarm over factor linked to increased wildfires: 'It's a huge health issue'

Air pollution from coal and wood smoke has been linked to respiratory issues — even in rural areas around the globe. Experts sound alarm over factor linked to increased wildfires: 'It's a huge health issue' first appeared on The Cool Down.

So THAT'S Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

Here's what makes you so attractive to the bugs and how you can prevent bites.

‘Old People Smell’ Is Real, Here’s What Causes It and How To Avoid It

Body odor, a natural and evolving aspect of human physiology, changes distinctly across various life stages. This progression is notably evident in the phenomenon called “old people smell.” This scent, often mildly sweet and musty, is a normal part of aging.

Why do I wake up at 3 a.m. every night?

Waking up in the middle of the night is common, but it could be a problem when you find yourself not going back to sleep right away.

A new study shows that 1 year of this kind of exercise yields results 4 years later

Exercise is good, but resistance training with heavy weight is great! That’s especially true if you are looking to maintain strength in older age, a new study shows.

Can Cats Get Colds? Feline Upper Respiratory Infections

Cats can catch colds, but in most cases symptoms only last for a few weeks. Help your cat feel better and learn when to see the vet.

I Had Quintuple Bypass Surgery. A Trait I Never Guessed Might Affect My Heart May Be To Blame.

"My ex-wife used to say my heart kept her awake at night. The pounding, she said, sent reverberations through the mattress."

Scientists accidentally capture metals 'healing' themselves

Researchers unintentionally documented the remarkable feat at a nanoscale level.

16 signs your body is telling you something is wrong

Melatonin Lasts Longer in Your Body Than You Think. Here's What to Know

Knowing how long melatonin lasts can help you determine the best time to take it for optimal results.

A Study Allegedly Found Some Bandage Brands Contain PFAS 'Forever Chemicals.' We Checked the Research

PFAS chemicals have been linked to health concerns related to reproduction, obesity, growth, and different types of cancers.

Warning signs, symptoms and tips: How to stay safe in the heat

To help you stay safe amid scorching temperatures this summer, here are a few things you should consider.

10 morning symptoms that could mean you have a common health condition

Apron Belly: How to Reduce Stomach Sagging

"Apron belly" is a term commonly used to describe a sagging stomach or skin that hangs from the abdomen. An apron belly is medically known as pannus stomach or an abdominal pannus. This flap of skin can appear after pregnancy, during menopause, or from significant weight loss. It is sometimes referred to as mommy belly fat or a menopause apron. Hav...

I'm a Fitness Instructor—13 Foods Stopped My Cravings

It's all about making small improvements over time.

People On TikTok Are Putting Salt In Their Water Stating That "You Pee Less Because It Hydrates You Better" — Turns Out It Is True And Backed By Science

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