Can a newly discovered genetic trait open the window to delaying Alzheimer's?

Researchers say a rare genetic trait could delay the onset of Alzheimer's in high-risk group and be used to develop antibody drugs.

Which fruit is best for the heart? Cardiologists share 5 favorites

Which fruit is best for the heart? Cardiologists reveal the fruits they eat for heart health, including berries, apples, watermelon, grapes and avocado.

Dietitians Share Their Top Tips for Losing Water Weight Safely and Quickly

Follow these easy tips to lose those extra pounds holding you down.

The 3 Dirtiest Body Parts People Forget To Wash Properly

It is easy to say that we wash every inch of our bodies and are perfectly clean when we step out of the shower, which isn't always the case. Unfortunately, there are parts of our bodies that we aren’t cleaning, according to a new study by researchers at George Washington University. The ‘Grandmother Hypothesis’ is a study focusing on the idea that there are three body parts our grandmother would insist on us scrubbing. The first of these parts is behind the ears, as anywhere with a crease or fold can lead to a build-up of bodily fluids and dead skin cells. A build-up of dirt or dead skin can lead to an inflammatory skin condition known as seborrheic dermatitis, which can cause your skin to flake. “Letting the water get it” isn’t sufficient for in-between your toes as your feet sweat and when not washed, this can lead to a build-up of bacteria. Lastly, wash your belly button as, as well as being moist, it has folds and creases, which can become a breeding ground for dead skin cells and bacteria.

Mom Shares Tip That Helped Her Drop 160 Pounds Healthily—Without Fad Diets

"I changed my relationship with food, that is why it has been so successful," Brandi said.

Chocolate Recall Update as FDA Sets Risk Level

Nine products have been withdrawn due to potential salmonella contamination.

More evidence suggests regular consumption of melatonin can reduce chances of age-related macular degeneration

A team of medical researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Ophthalmic Bioinformatics has found further evidence that regular consumption of melatonin reduces an older person's chances of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease that often leads to blindness.

Study sheds light on why some people do not get Covid-19

Study sheds light on why some people do not get Covid-19 - The findings may pave the way for treatments and vaccines not just for Covid, but other diseases too

Being Anxious or Sad Does Not Make You Mentally Ill

We easily pathologize bad feelings, but they’re a normal, even healthy part of human experience.

California Beachgoers Warned Over Water Quality, Bacterial Levels

Places to avoid include the swim areas of Marina Del Rey's Mother's Beach and Sweetwater Canyon Storm Drain, Carbon Canyon Beach.

How hunters are helping researchers track tick-borne diseases

A unique collaboration between hunters and researchers is helping to track ticks and the diseases they spread.

Curious Why Men Have Nipples? We Had Doctors Explain.

They actually do have a purpose.

20 ways to take better care of your mental health

Flip through the slideshow for 20 easy ways to take better care of your mental health. From exploring a meditation practice to working on your sleep habits, these small steps could make a huge difference in how you feel.

Signs of 'silent heart attack' often mistaken for tiredness

People won't experience chest pressure, shortness of breath or sharp pain with a silent heart attack

How Losing Just 10 Pounds of Weight Can Improve Your Health

Even if your goal weight is still in the distance, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the smaller weight loss milestones along the way.

What Happens If You Eat Eggs Every Day? Nutritionists Share the Benefits

Whether you scramble them up with some bacon and toast, hard boil and chop 'em up for a salad or enjoy one fried on top of a burger, eggs are a kitchen staple. Of course, they're a great source of protein (one of the cheapest on the market, too!), but what happens if you eat […]

8 Of The Unhealthiest Canned Beans You'll Find At The Store

Canned beans might seem like a healthy option, but in fact, they can be one of the unhealthiest things in your pantry. We're examining the 8 worst offenders.

What tick bites look like and how to deal with suspected Lyme disease

There’s something in the grass. If you have carelessly strayed bare-legged into woodland territory and found yourself with unwelcome travelling companions, then you will already be aware that we are in the thick of tick season. Ticks are particularly common in grassy and wooded areas and are active all year around, however they are most prevalent b...

Apron Belly: How to Reduce Stomach Sagging

"Apron belly" is a term commonly used to describe a sagging stomach or skin that hangs from the abdomen. An apron belly is medically known as pannus stomach or an abdominal pannus. This flap of skin can appear after pregnancy, during menopause, or from significant weight loss. It is sometimes referred to as mommy belly fat or a menopause apron. Hav...

What is preventative chemotherapy? Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment explained

What is preventative chemotherapy? Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment explained - The princess said she was undergoing ‘preventative chemotherapy’ after revealing she had been diagnosed with cancer

What Is Biotin Good For, Exactly?

The B vitamin does so much more behind the scenes than you may realize.

So THAT'S Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

Here's what makes you so attractive to the bugs and how you can prevent bites.

The Lowest Calorie Fruits to Enjoy Right Now, Per Nutritionists

Nature’s candy makes the best snack. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth but want to keep your calorie count low? The low-calorie fruits on this list will fit the bill. Each of these fruits, from apples to strawberries, clock in at under 100 calories per serving—and also provide some solid health benefits. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients that can benefit everything from your immune system to blood pressure regulation. Wondering what to pair with healthy fruit, so you’ll feel satisfied? “While many people want to cut calories by limiting snacks to just fruit, remember that you’ll stay full for longer by pairing fruit with protein and fat. A tablespoon of peanut butter, slice of cheese, or a handful of trail mix will help keep you feeling satisfied while still keeping calories in check,” says Kaytee Hadley, M.S., R.D.N., I.F.M.C.P.. Meet the experts: Keri Glassman, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., is the founder and president of Nutritious Life. Christine Byrme, M.P.H., R.D., is a non-diet dietitian and the owner of Ruby Oak Nutrition in Raleigh, NC. Amy Gorin, M.S., R.D.N., is the CEO of Plant Based with Amy and Master the Media. It’s also important to note that 90% of Americans don’t eat the recommended two servings of fruit daily, says Hadley. “My goal is to help people find the ones they enjoy and can eat regularly so they can get all the health benefits from the fiber, micronutrients, and phytochemicals that fruit provides,” she shares. But if you’re looking to cut back on calories for weight loss, start with these lowest calorie fruits. *Additional expert input: Kaytee Hadley, M.S., R.D.N., I.F.M.C.P., is a gut health dietitian and founder of Holistic Health and Wellness in Richmond, VA. Jennifer House, MSc, R.D. is the founder of First Step Nutrition in Alberta, Canada. Alyssa Smolen, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N. is a New Jersey-based content creator. Marisa Moore R.D.N. is a registered dietitian nutritionist at

How to stay safe in extreme high temperatures

From New York to India, temperatures are soaring to dangerous levels across the globe. Kristie L Ebi, Professor of Global Health at the University of Washington, walks through the signs of heat stroke and steps that should be taken to stay safe this summer.

Exactly what happens to your body when you step onto a plane – and how to stay healthy

Humans never evolved to be transported through the skies in a long metal tube at more than 500 miles per hour, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that aeroplane travel has some pretty unusual effects on our body. A recent scientific study in the journal Thorax made headlines after finding that the cabin pressure at cruising altitude appears to lower bloo...

Should You Take Your Bird Feeder Down During Avian Influenza This Summer?

The avian influenza (H5N1) emerged in the early 2020s and has spread through bird and poultry populations worldwide. But should you take down your bird feeder?

Best weighted blankets of 2024: Calming weighted blankets to order in the UK

Best weighted blankets of 2024: Calming weighted blankets to order in the UK - Do you struggling to switch off, feel anxious or wake up regularly? This may be just the solution for a good night’s sleep

‘Old People Smell’ Is Real, Here’s What Causes It and How To Avoid It

Body odor, a natural and evolving aspect of human physiology, changes distinctly across various life stages. This progression is notably evident in the phenomenon called “old people smell.” This scent, often mildly sweet and musty, is a normal part of aging.

8 reasons you feel tired all the time and what you can do about it

Steep physical decline with age is not inevitable – here’s how strength training can change the trajectory

Raise your hand if you regularly find yourself walking up a flight of stairs. What about carrying heavy bags of groceries? How about picking up your child or grandchild? Most of us would raise our hands to doing at least one of those weekly, or even daily. As people age, it can become more and more difficult to perform some physical tasks, even those that are normal activities of daily living. However, prioritizing physical fitness and health as...

9 Home Remedies To Loosen a Bowel Blockage

Medically reviewed by Jay N. Yepuri, MD Medically reviewed by Jay N. Yepuri, MD Bowel blockages (also known as bowel or intestinal obstructions) occur when food cannot pass through your large or small intestines. This can cause constipation (difficulty pooping), nausea, bloating, and other symptoms. Complete bowel blockages are serious and require ...

Are you overeating? Here’s how to tell – and break the habit

A second slice of cake on your birthday, an extra burger at a BBQ and a few too many chocolates at Christmas – we all occasionally overindulge. But it can be damaging for our health if it becomes a common occurrence. An overeater may regularly find themselves eating five or six biscuits, instead of one or two. It’s not as severe as binge eating (wh...

16 signs your body is telling you something is wrong

Can Cats Get Colds? Feline Upper Respiratory Infections

Cats can catch colds, but in most cases symptoms only last for a few weeks. Help your cat feel better and learn when to see the vet.

Researchers discover links between personality traits and eating disorder onset

A new study reveals further insight into the links between personality traits and the onset of eating disorder symptoms.

Melatonin Lasts Longer in Your Body Than You Think. Here's What to Know

Knowing how long melatonin lasts can help you determine the best time to take it for optimal results.

Sleep experts say brushing your teeth right before bed is a common nighttime routine mistake — here's why

If you want to create the ultimate nighttime routine, avoid doing these things right before bed, say sleep experts.

A church where wellness meets spirituality

NEW YORK (RNS) — With today’s emptier church pews and fuller yoga studios, churches like The Well are attempting to bridge the two worlds for spiritual fulfillment.

This 1 Habit May Help Reduce The Risk Of Dementia In Older Adults

A new study suggests adopting this activity could be linked with better cognition.

I quit sugar for 6 months and this is what it did to my face and body

Cutting out sugar from her diet for six months wasn't easy, but for one writer, it was definitely worth it.

Voyages into the small intestine shed new light on ways to improve gut health

Microbiome research to date has been much like the parable of the blind men and the elephant. How much can be said about an elephant by examining just its tail? Researchers have studied what is most readily available—stool rescued from a flush down the toilet—but have been missing the microbial masterminds upstream in the small intestine, until recently.

Can Cat Litter Make Me Sick? 5+ Diseases and Parasites That Lurk in Litter

No doubt about it, cleaning out a kitty litter box is one of the least enjoyable parts of being a cat owner. The smell, the dust, vacuuming up scattered litter—not anyone’s idea of a good time. But besides the inconvenience, it’s a job that could actually make you seriously ill. We’re about to introduce you to several serious diseases and parasites...

60 Secrets the Emergency Room Staff Won’t Tell You

This astonishing insider information from doctors, nurses, and paramedics could save your life.


Medically reviewed by Angela Ryan Lee, MD Medically reviewed by Angela Ryan Lee, MD Tachycardia is the medical term for an elevated resting heart rate, which can occur when your heart beats more than 100 times per minute. Several factors can cause your heart to beat too fast—anxiety, underlying health conditions, problems with the heart's electrica...

Doctors Test the Limits of What Obesity Drugs Can Fix

Lesa Walton suffered for years with rheumatoid arthritis. “It was awful,” said Ms. Walton, 57, who lives in Wenatchee, Wash. “I kept getting sicker and sicker.” She also had high blood pressure, and she was obese. Doctors told her to diet and exercise, which she did, to no avail. Then she found a doctor who prescribed Wegovy, one of the new obesity drugs. Not only did she lose more than 50 pounds, she said; her arthritis cleared up, and she no...

A new study shows that 1 year of this kind of exercise yields results 4 years later

Exercise is good, but resistance training with heavy weight is great! That’s especially true if you are looking to maintain strength in older age, a new study shows.

Nate Robinson talks about life-threatening kidney disease: "I want to stay alive for the next 40 years"

Nate came out publicly in 2022 that he has serious kidney disease and is in desperate need of a donor.

Here’s How Watermelon Benefits Your Skin

A holistic esthetician explains the incomparable skin benefits of watermelon– and why you should eat this season’s delicious fruit.

US Surgeon General calls for a warning label on social media sites, citing mental health harms

The addictive qualities of social media, as well as their associated mental health effects, are prompting U.S. health leaders to take action.

Experts sound alarm over factor linked to increased wildfires: 'It's a huge health issue'

Air pollution from coal and wood smoke has been linked to respiratory issues — even in rural areas around the globe. Experts sound alarm over factor linked to increased wildfires: 'It's a huge health issue' first appeared on The Cool Down.