Your health is a commodity in any video game, but this is especially true in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Fall damage hits hard and enemies hit harder, and you can be near-death before you know it.

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Thankfully, there's a way to prevent yourself from getting into any sticky situations health-wise. Players have the ability to increase their health permanently, and all they have to do is a little exploring!

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora
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How To Increase Health

Dotted around the gorgeous world of Pandora are plants called bellsprig. When players find and interact with these plants, their health will be permanently increased. While they don't increase a ton of health at once, their effects can add up significantly over time. With the densely packed flora of some in-game areas and the difficult-to-reach locations in other areas, bellsprig can be a bit tricky to spot, but once players know what to look for, increasing their pool of health will be a breeze!

The spores of this plant have the ability to increase a Na'vi's vitality when inhaled.

Where To Find Bellsprig Plants

According to the in-game journal menu, the bellsprig can be found in caves and other sheltered areas throughout Pandora. From my experience, the bellsprig isn't exclusive to those areas and can be found scattered all around Pandora. While they can be tough to spot in the more densely covered parts of the game's jungle areas, they can be tracked down using the game's map. The bellsprig will appear as blue dots on the map, once players have traveled close enough to them. Blue dots denote other items/resources on the map as well, but any confusion can be cleared up by hovering over the dot. A pop-up will reveal the identity of the point of interest (shown in the image above).

Bellsprig can be spotted from a distance using the Na'vi Senses. Doing this will cause resources, plants, animals, and enemies to glow, and "inspecting" that glowing figure will reveal what it is. This is an easy way to find the bellsprig.

What Are Bellsprigs?

The bellsprig, according to their journal entry, are plants with bell-like blooms that grow in most biomes around Pandora. To "consume" them, Na'vi must inhale the bulbs that grow on the end of the plant's long, tendril-like, stalks. The plant prefers flat land, nutrient-rich soil, and sheltered growing areas, which means these are good places to be on the lookout for these useful flora. A plant with the ability to improve a Na'vi's physical attributes isn't something exclusive to the bellsprig, as Tarsyu Flowers and Tarsyu Saplings can also be found around Pandora. The plants give the player skill points to spend in the game's skill menu.

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