Lower your risk of falling as you get older with these simple steps

One in four older adults in the U.S. will fall each year, putting them at risk of injury, broken bones and even death. Falls are a growing public health concern as the country's population sees record numbers of people turn 65 — now and in the future. But common as falls may be, they are not inevitable. "The more work we do, the more we realize that that healthy aging doesn’t have to include falling,” said Cara McDermott, who researches falls at...

These Are The 7 Things Stroke Doctors Say You Should Never, Ever Do

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. But there are ways you can lower your risk. View Entire Post ›

What Is Biotin Good For, Exactly?

The B vitamin does so much more behind the scenes than you may realize.

How hunters are helping researchers track tick-borne diseases

A unique collaboration between hunters and researchers is helping to track ticks and the diseases they spread.

Can Cats Get Colds? Feline Upper Respiratory Infections

Cats can catch colds, but in most cases symptoms only last for a few weeks. Help your cat feel better and learn when to see the vet.

Study finds nearly 1 in 4 people with a history of bipolar disorder achieve complete mental health

New research conducted by the University of Toronto and published in the Journal of Affective Disorders Reports highlights that among Canadians previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder, 43% were free of all bipolar symptoms and approximately one in four (23.5%) had achieved complete mental health.

Medicare Advantage to Change for Millions Under New Plan

The legislation would make the prior authorization process under Medicare Advantage more efficient.

The exoskeleton – high tech help with lifting

At Berlin's Charité hospital, nurses are wearing exoskeletons that make it easier for them to lift patients. The goal is to make the nursing profession less burdensome and more attractive. The system is being produced by a German automotive supplier.

Gig platform workers need better health and well-being protections, says researcher

The rise of technology in the workplace, labor market deregulation and the decline in union representation have all significantly impacted the occupational health and safety field.

Aortic Aneurysm Warning Signs

: It is dubbed a ticking time bomb because most people who have it don’t even know it. Signs you need to know to save your life

The nine health benefits of regular strength training

Want to lose belly fat, sharpen your memory and stay supple into old age? Grab some dumbbells – strength training is the best workout to age-proof your body and brain, according to the latest science. It’s not about having a six-pack or looking lean and toned (though that’s a bonus) – building more muscle is seriously good for your health. “Strengt...

Experts sound alarm over factor linked to increased wildfires: 'It's a huge health issue'

Air pollution from coal and wood smoke has been linked to respiratory issues — even in rural areas around the globe. Experts sound alarm over factor linked to increased wildfires: 'It's a huge health issue' first appeared on The Cool Down.

Here's What Happens When You Eat Cashews Every Day

Densely nutritious and good for your heart and brain, cashews can be much more than just a snack food. Here's what happens if you add them to your daily diet

I lost 42 pounds with Ozempic, but was shaken by the drug's psychological toll

Journalist Johann Hari lost 42 pounds with Ozempic. He writes about the risks and benefits of weight loss drugs in his book "Magic Pill."

Sunburn SOS: 7 tips to soothe your sun-damaged skin, according to a wellness expert

If not treated properly, sunburn can lead to severe skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer, experts warn. A wellness and beauty expert shares seven main remedies to treat sun-damaged skin.

The health condition many women are getting diagnosed with after having COVID

Guava Health explains the symptoms and effects of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

What do tick nests look like? What to know about the clusters of eggs and how to react

Tick nests are essentially clusters of tick eggs. Here's how to spot them and what to know about ticks.

Tardigrades Could Extend the Shelf-Life of Humanity, Study Suggests

Nature's ultimate survivor could unlock a sort-of biological time travel.

10 Iron-Rich Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

Chocolate included!

Researchers propose a new way to measure aging and disease risk with the protein aggregation clock

Could measuring protein clumps in our cells be a new way to find out our risk of getting age-related diseases? Professor Dorothee Dormann and Professor Edward Lemke of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), who are also adjunct directors at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz, propose the concept of a "protein aggregation clock" to measure aging and health in a new perspective article published in Nature Cell Biology.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Cherries—and the Best Ones to Eat

Stock up on these fruits this summer.

Jill Scott: 9 top tips for finding (and keeping) your fitness mojo this summer

Jill Scott: 9 top tips for finding (and keeping) your fitness mojo this summer - The former England footballer reveals how to get moving.

Everything You Should Know About Rotisserie Chickens

How to use that bird all week long.

8 reasons you feel tired all the time and what you can do about it

Can I collect my dead spouse’s Social Security and my own at the same time? Here are 5 secrets of ‘survivors benefits’ you need to know

Double dipping on benefits?

Why Does My Weight Fluctuate So Much?

No, your scale probably isn't broken.

How to Spot Bipolar Red Flags — and What to Do About Them

If you’re a friend of someone living with bipolar disorder, you can play the important role of vigilantly helping them watch for symptoms of depression or mania. In a previous article I mentioned “red flags” that can alert you when your friend may be slipping into depression or mania. What are these bipolar red flags,... The post How to Spot Bipolar Red Flags — and What to Do About Them appeared first on

‘Old People Smell’ Is Real, Here’s What Causes It and How To Avoid It

Body odor, a natural and evolving aspect of human physiology, changes distinctly across various life stages. This progression is notably evident in the phenomenon called “old people smell.” This scent, often mildly sweet and musty, is a normal part of aging.

7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Taking a Weight Loss Drug

Wondering if a GLP-1 weight loss medication like Wegovy or Ozempic might be right for your health needs and goals? Here are key questions that experts suggest discussing with your doctor.

Wild chimpanzees seek out medicinal plants to treat illness and injuries, study finds

Chimpanzees appear to consume plants with medicinal properties to treat their ailments, according to a study published on June 20 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Elodie Freymann from the University of Oxford, UK, and colleagues.

Is Coffee Good or Bad? New Study Finds the Answer in Your Genes

Scientists have been trying to figure out whether coffee is good or bad for our health for ages, and a new study has shown that the impact of drinking coffee depends on one's genes. The study also showed that a person's coffee-drinking habits depend on their genetic makeup as well, has learned. The study was conducted by an international ...

16 Best Protein Bars, According to Registered Dietitians & Editors

Picks that are delicious and nutritious.

Skipping Breakfast: Does It Help or Hurt Weight Loss?

The relationship between breakfast and weight loss can be confusing. Registered dietitians explain how starting your day with a nutritious meal can influence your weight loss goals.

Outdoor exercise may benefit you more than indoor workouts

Exercising in natural surroundings -- a jog through a park, a bicycle ride along a trail -- could be more beneficial than working out indoors, a new review suggests.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Which Should You Trust Your Health To?

If you already have Medicare Parts A and B (or soon will), you can choose to receive your Medicare benefits via a Medicare Advantage plan with a private insurance company. In fact, almost half of all eligible Medicare beneficiaries do, and the number of people enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans has more than doubled since 2007. But deciding which...

Curious Why Men Have Nipples? We Had Doctors Explain.

They actually do have a purpose.

Why You're Dizzy When You Wake Up - and When to Be Concerned

Mornings can be tough.

Sleep expert shares seven easy tips to boost your sleep, lift your mood and improve your self-control

Try this sleep expert’s seven tips to boost your sleep, lift your mood and improve your self-control

Scientists Think They've Found a New Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

More than half a billion people worldwide are affected by type 2 diabetes, and yet researchers still don't know what's behind the condition's breakdown in insulin functionality. Researchers from Case Western Reserve University in the US have now pulled back the molecular curtain and figured out why insulin, the hormone that maintains stable blood sugar, often stops working at its full effect. The principal investigator, Jonathan Stamler, is...

We bought our Washington state home for $260,000 in 1996. It’s now worth $1.4 million. We’re moving to California. Do we get ‘over 65’ tax breaks?

“We made a series of house improvements costing $120,000.”

Chocolate Recall Map Shows Nine States Impacted by Health Warning

Numerous products have been recalled due to potential salmonella contamination.

New report sheds light on health emergency as disease sweeps through India — here's what you need to know

"Mosquitoes don't just thrive in hot and humid weather — they're finding ways to spread their misery around the world." New report sheds light on health emergency as disease sweeps through India — here's what you need to know first appeared on The Cool Down.

How to Avoid This Common Misdiagnosis: What A Brown Recluse Bite Looks Like

Misdiagnosis of brown recluse bites seems to occur often, even coming from doctors and medical professions. Here's what a brown recluse bite looks like and learn what could be ailing you instead.

NHS urges pharmacies not to sell weight-loss injections online without seeing patients

NHS chiefs have urged pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug to stop selling weight-loss injections online without seeing patients, after warnings that prescriptions are being issued to those of healthy weight. Professor Sir Stephen Powis, NHS England’s national medical director, made the intervention after warning that the jabs should not be used ...

Exploring the True Beauty of Blackness Beyond Desirability

What does the affirming Black is Beautiful movement mean today?

Doctor shares four things you should never do during sleep paralysis

Little-known dementia symptom is first spotted in the eyes, says health expert

Having problems with sight can be considered a red flag for dementia

New species of Callicarpa discovered in Hunan, China

Callicarpa L. (Lamiaceae) consists of 140 species that are trees or shrubs, and there are about 53 species in China, mainly distributed south of the Yangtze River. Some plants of Callicarpa are used as traditional medicine in China. In addition, they are also landscape plants with potential for utilization and development due to the abundant flowers and the colorful fruits.

Over-the-counter supplement found to improve walking for peripheral artery disease patients

The over-the-counter supplement nicotinamide riboside, a form of vitamin B3, increased the walking endurance of patients with peripheral artery disease, a chronic leg condition for which there are few effective treatments.

More evidence suggests regular consumption of melatonin can reduce chances of age-related macular degeneration

A team of medical researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Ophthalmic Bioinformatics has found further evidence that regular consumption of melatonin reduces an older person's chances of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease that often leads to blindness.