I'm A Mom Who Had An Abortion At 17 And It Still Haunts Me

I did what I had to do, but I still think about it.

Taylor Hill breaks down in tears as she reveals her dog is near death

Former Victoria's Secret angel Taylor Hill broke down in tears on her Instagram as she revealed her dog Tate is near death. Tate was diagnosed with lymphoma in June.

5 Tips for Coping With Getting Laid Off, According to Therapists

Losing your job can take a toll on your mental health, and you shouldn't ignore it.

34 Healthy Recipes You Can Make In A Slow Cooker

Tell your take out guy to take the night off.

Signs you have a toxic boss

Are you terrified of going to work because your boss makes your life miserable? Then you're probably working for a toxic boss. This can be an extremely stressful situation that has proven to lead to many health problems, both mental and physical. It might be their poor leadership that manifests in subtle ways, or that the workplace has normalized their behavior. Either way, the first step to dealing with it is to note your boss' toxic traits. Only then can you take action to avoid, stop, and/or warn someone about it. If this is touching a nerve for you, read on to find out if you have a toxic boss.

What to know about the health risks of wildfire smoke

Air quality advisories are in effect for up to 100 million people in the U.S. What does poor air quality mean for your health?

Canadian wildfire smoke live updates: Worst air quality yet may be headed to NYC

Heavy smoke from Canadian wildfires is engulfing the East Coast, creating serious health risks for millions.

These Are All The Sparkling Water Brands Nutritionists Actually Drink

You'd be surprised at how many brands have icky additives. What's better than popping the tab or lid on a sparkling water and enjoying that first ice cold, refreshing sip? The bubbles, the fizz and that effervescent pop is pure perfection—so we're perpetually on the hunt for the best sparkling water brands. With all those fizzy options available (sparkling water is expected to be a $67.6 billion industry by 2023), you might be wondering: What exactly is the difference between sparkling water and seltzer, and are they really healthy? The simple answer is this: seltzer and sparkling water are both carbonated water. However, seltzer is artificially carbonated using carbon dioxide and sparkling water is naturally carbonated or lightly artificially carbonated, says SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD. “Generally, I think sparkling water is a better choice because it's closer to nature - but an unsweetened or lightly flavored seltzer is still a better choice than a sugary soda.” Peep a few of the best sparkling water brands, below: And though sparkling water may seem like an across-the-board healthy option, not all brands are created equal. To make sure your fizzy drink is as good-for-you as can be, choose a brand that is low in sodium and contains no added sugars, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners, says dietitian Elizabeth Shaw, RDN, CPT. (A little natural sweetness from real fruit juice is a-okay, though.) Though many sparkling waters come canned these days, if you choose an option in a plastic bottle, just double check that it’s BPA-free, Shaw says. Keep your bubbly sips simple by opting for one of the following 15 fizzy water brands—all recommended by dietitians, happy customers, and Women's Health editors.

Witcher Voice Actor Gets Outpouring Of Fan Support After Cancer Diagnosis

Doug Cockle, the man who provides Geralt of Rivia’s distinctive voice for CD Projekt Red’s Witcher games (not to mention staunch trans ally), has recently shared that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fans and developers of the games have since come together to show their support in the wake of this upsetting news.

15 Surprising Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

These little seeds are small but mighty.

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs: 9 Picks for Petite Pups

While larger dogs like Labrador and Golden Retrievers are extremely popular in the United States, there’s plenty of love for small dogs, too. In the AKC’s list of most popular dog breeds, smaller dogs like French Bulldogs, Beagles, Corgis, and Dachshunds often rank in the top 10. There are lots of benefits that draw people […] The post Best Dog Food for Small Dogs: 9 Picks for Petite Pups appeared first on Vetstreet.

One Doctor Used an ‘Elimination Diet’ To Shed Stubborn Pounds and Boost Energy — Here’s How

Eat foods that rev your thyroid to experience slimming results.

Your Risk of Blood Clots Is High for the First Year After You Have COVID-19, Study Suggests

The risk is still rare, but it happens.

What is yerba mate—and is this caffeinated drink really good for you?

The South American tribal groups who first made this beverage centuries ago considered it a gift from the gods. Many would still agree today.

Physical Activity Still Not Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels, Study Says

Even without lockdowns, people have been slow to get moving again.

The 5 Worst Things To Do After Your Workout

Don’t sabotage your sweat sessions with these post-workout mistakes

14 Examples of Mandela Effect That’ll Break Your Brain

Every so often, the internet erupts in a heated debate over something that did or didn't happen. Dive deep into these popular Mandela Effects.

What happens to your body when you don't sleep enough

Not sleeping enough is never fun. It happens to nearly everyone once in a while, and it feels very annoying and inconvenient. However, for some people, it is more than just an occasional irritation. If it becomes a regular occurrence, it can cause a whole number of serious issues. Take a look through the following gallery to discover the bad things that lack of sleep can lead to.

45 Unique Gift Ideas for Nursing School Graduates

Congratulate the new nurse in your life with one of these graduation gifts.

Pack These Essential Items in Your Car for Severe Rain

Raining like cats and dogs? These must-haves will help keep you safe on the road.

Joe Wicks makes specialised workout video for people with Parkinson’s

Fitness coach Joe Wicks has teamed up with the NHS to create a dedicated workout video for people with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s symptoms can cause involuntary shaking of parts of the body, slow movement and stiff or inflexible muscles. However, regular exercise has been shown to have a positive impact on such symptoms. Wicks has worked with...

If You're Cutting Back On Sugar, You Need These Satisfying Snacks In Your Life


Wendy Williams Is in a Treatment Facility 'Doing Her Best to Be Her Best,' Her Manager Says (Exclusive)

The former TV host's manager, Will Selby, told ET that Williams is 'taking it day by day.'

Man given gift of life by mother thanks to live liver transplant

A man who missed out on a liver transplant six times was in seventh heaven when his mother was found to be a match and gave her son the gift of life. Connor Meyrick received 65% of his mother Michelle’s liver during a 12-hour operation at the Royal Free Hospital (RFH) in north London in March. The operation – which was the first live liver transpla...

Higher Dose Review

You may have seen Higher Dose on Instagram from your favorite influencers and celebrities. The brand is a wellness tech company that specializes in red light therapy, or RLT, known for its famous sauna blanket and PEMF Go Mat, which combines the benefits of a sauna’s heat with RLT in one at-home device, as well as its red light face mask. Intereste...

Haze From Wildfires Raises Asthma, Heart and Other Health Concerns in US Northeast

Health officials across the US Northeast are warning residents to take precautions after wildfire smoke traveling south from Canada unleashed unhealthy air quality levels that pose a risk to the sick, elderly and young children.

16 Easy Soup Recipes That Freeze Well

Cook everything in one pot for the ultimate healthy meal that is freezer friendly.

9 Foods That Cause Heartburn Making Your Symptoms Worse

As anyone who has experienced it can attest, heartburn can be an unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation. It occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, often causing a burning sensation in the chest and throat. While there are many factors that contribute to heartburn, including stress and certain medications, food is one of the… The post 9 Foods That Cause Heartburn Making Your Symptoms Worse appeared first on Clean Plates.

You’re probably brushing your teeth wrong, this dentist says — which has tongues wagging

If you wet your toothbrush before adding toothpaste, you should rethink your routine, a controversial interview says, as Americans spend hundreds on their teeth

The Pros and Cons of a High-Protein Diet

This is how much you should be eating—and how much is too much, according to dietitians.

The 7 Best Foods to Eat For Glowing Skin

Give your diet a glow up with these skin-friendly foods.

Ousted CNN boss who lost more than 50 lbs called out for not mentioning Ozempic use, more stars' evolutions

See how stars looked before and after they lost serious amounts of weight.

Yes, It Is Possible To Treat Your Scars At Home

Try one of these derm-approved remedies.

Amazon’s Secret Air Purifier Sale Is Just in Time for Allergy Season

Tons of Popular Mechanics top picks are on sale today.

England on track to end new HIV transmissions by 2030, says Government

England on track to end new HIV transmissions by 2030, says Government - The Department of Health and Social Care said new transmissions fell by almost a third between 2019 and 2021.

Surgery on Pope Francis was without complications, Vatican says

By Philip Pullella ROME (Reuters) -Pope Francis underwent a three-hour surgery in a Rome hospital on Wednesday to repair a hernia most likely caused by scars from an operation in 2021, and the Vatican said the procedure had no complications. The 86-year-old pope was taken to hospital after his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square, where he gave no sign that he was about to enter

Ozempic: Will Medicare cover this TikTok-trending weight loss and diabetes drug?

Ozempic, a medication used to treat Type 2 diabetes, has gone viral as a weight loss drug. Does Medicare pay for it? Here's when it does and doesn't.

The Weirdest and Wackiest Phobias of 20 Hollywood Celebrities That Will Make You Squirm

Celebrities – they’re just like us! Well, only insofar as they occasionally have a bonkers phobia too. Kylie Jenner The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has admitted she has a fear of drinking dust. Drinking Dust The phobia stems from being repulsed by cups/glasses that aren’t freshly washed. Matthew McConaughey We’ve all had an...

These 17 Adorable Baby Animals Will Absolutely Make Your Day

Warning: Cuteness overload lies ahead.

Shannen Doherty Shares Her Cancer Has Spread to Her Brain

Shannen Doherty has posted a heartbreaking update to her years-long fight against cancer in a social media video giving fans a closer look at one of her treatment sessions.

16 Healthy Snacks Anyone Can Throw Together

For when you want a better-for-you snack that still tastes good and doesn’t take hours to make.

Why You Keep Getting Strep Throat

Having children means being exposed to nonstop illnesses. On average, young children get six to eight upper respiratory infections a year; in practical terms, that means a lot of missed school. One common illness that circulates among young children is strep throat, which is caused by Group A strep bacteria and is very contagious.

Baba Vanga's predictions for 2023: What could happen during the year?

Baba Vanga is one of the most famous clairvoyants in history and has been the voice that warned of many catastrophic events. Here, check what are the prophecies she said for 2023. Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova, better known as Baba Vanga, is one of the most popular clairvoyants of her time. Many of her predictions came true over the years and she earned the title of the Nostradamus of the Balkans. She was born in Bulgaria and died at the age of 85...

Any walker can run. Here's the right way to start

Here are 8 tips from physical therapists on how to start running the right way to avoid injury.

AI can help doctors with breast cancer risk predictions, a new study found

A new study published Tuesday found that artificial intelligence could aid doctors in discovering breast cancer risks in patients.

Take Your Home Gym to the Next Level With These 9 Power Racks

Get everything you need to lift heavy at home.

Combine Your Walk With Short Bursts Of Jogging For More Bang For Your Buck

Get ready for your hot girl walk.

Poor air quality: What pet owners should know

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Poor air quality affects not only humans, but animals. As is the case with people, there are specific symptoms that can indicate that bad air quality is affecting your pet. Here’s a look at some of those symptoms as well as ways you can protect your pet, based on information […]

The weirdest hobbies of US presidents

It seems the most influential men in American history couldn't just have regular hobbies. Instead, they had pastimes that were either odd, extreme, or just downright violent. Fortunately, Ranker compiled several of the strangest ways presidents of the United States have spent their free time throughout history. Browse through the most bizarre ones in the gallery.

Hailey Bieber Says Rhode's New Launch Is Like a "Hydrating Bath" for Your Skin

She tells us all about the Rhode Glazing Milk.